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Weekly Wednesday And The Week That Was.

IMG_1031 IMG_1029Thursday saw us go and do the Tawa track, didn’t realise the walk down to the slip was extra so we have been dong 5km so today was Tawa track only which is 4.2km. As we were coming out two bus load of children came a long great to see so many people using the track, we had it to ourselves before they came.

Woo Hoo go me. I have achieved a goal. I am now in the 80kg range. Friday is weigh in day, was great to see the needle on the left of the 90kg. My Next goal is 20kg loss, so I have 4.4 go to.

Sunday saw us going for a bush walk, we did the Gorge track for the first time ever, just over 10km as we took in all the look outs.  My 11 year old daughter came with me.  We took 3.5 hours was really nice day we saw mount Ruapehu.

I really encourage you all when the weather is fine to look up walking tracks. Please remember bush safety.    Here are websites for New Zealand. Please look for your country. 

Walking is a great way to get fit, and we all do walking around the roads, whether a day out shopping, walking the dog etc,  and often forget about the lovely walk ways that different groups for New Zealand it is conservation,  tramping clubs that look after paths and huts. They are just waiting for you to discover them.

They say that you plateau with food where your body does not change, where you keep going and going and nothing is changing. I have found that it also happens with working out. I was stuck in a rut doing lots and felt like I wasn’t going any where then all of a sudden everything has just become more easier.. (shhh don’t tell Richard). Just keep going if you find your not moving your struggling and getting frustrated jazz it up a bit hit that boxing back a bit harder walk an extra km/mile. I have found doing these big walks have really pushed me past my sluggishness. So please never give up.. keep going.. your worth it…

Today(Wednesday) I graduated from UCOL I did NZIM Management Certificate. I did a Graduation way in. 88.5kg 19.5kg. I will put photo up of what I wore. I wore this dress last year out to a nice dinner thought I looked great.. bahaha. more fool me.. Today I looked great the dress hung how it is supposed too.

I have finally realised that I am skinny I still have some to go but I am getting skinny. Has taken me a long time to realise this. I have had to over come many life long issues to get where I am today. But it is totally worth it. Today I was working out and today I felt like a fit skinny person. I have always wondered what it was like to be like the people on work out DVD’s. I have been hearing comments of how great I am doing and how I am an inspiration I am to people. I feel so humble to be and inspiration. I never dreamed in my life that I would be an inspiration to people. I am just me doing my weight loss my way and sharing my life with you all. I am pleased my life is helping others to improve theirs. Here are

some photos of me, gorge track, graduation.

2012-11-01 12.46.09 2013-03-11 07.31.08 2012-09-13 09.27.21 2013-03-11 07.29.52 2012-10-01 09.56.21 2013-03-11 07.30.32 2012-10-01 09.31.33 crop of me 2013-03-10 12.12.19 2013-03-10 10.36.19 2013-03-10 10.37.53 2013-03-10 11.51.59


Welcome to Wednesday, and the week that was..

Wow what a week, as we all know I am not a great fan of scales there are so many things wrong with them, but this week I went and brought me a cheap $10 set. They are just as good as any. Stand on and weigh sounds good to me, now you’re probably wondering why am I am using scales.

For  19 months I have been on this weight loss journey and I feel I have come to a standstill. I know that my weight has gone up I feel it in my trousers. I need not motivation but a way of keeping me on track.

So once a week for a while any way I will weigh myself.

Also I am using Myfitnesspal to track my food, I am not using anything else in there but for tracking. You can easily get caught up in that site. But is a quick way to keep track I am not putting the exercise in as I know the amount of calories to my works outs is right.

I have now got a friend of mine using the site also for tracking.

My son has been sick this last week. I have been really tired and not eaten well at all I have even succumbed to drinking coke to keep me awake. When you have a child with special needs and sick you don’t tend to sleep much. So this is where “bad” foods are required. If I had more support around me life would be bit easier. But I cannot always do that.

Well I have been having a lot of smoothies,  using blackberries, raspberries, strawberries from the garden.

Zucchini’s are abundant also at the moment, and made some tomato relish, onion from was from my father’s garden.  here is a website to check out.

Gym.. please look at this link, it show good etiquette for the gym. We all go to the gym and there are people out there that are just well rude, leaving stuff around, no patience waiting for machines and equipment etc, so please have a look at this link so we all can improve to enjoy our gym time.


A high-risk waist circumference is:

A man with waist measurement over 40 inches (102 cm).

A woman with waist measurement over 35 inches (88 cm).


Here is a link on how to measure your waist properly,

All these years I have been doing the BMI way but they now believe this is a much healthy way this shows that if you are over the cm you are in risk of heart disease and other diseases. Being in this cm area you will have lower stored fat and so healthier for you. Please go get a tape measure, watch the video.

I will let you all know I am at 93cm If I was male I would be fine but I am female so I still have 5cm to go.  This to me seems more realistic. The BMI has me at 5’9 being between 56-71kg. I am currently 92kg I know my body well and I know that when I get down to 80kg which I was quite a few years ago on one of my not so good   stints I look unhealthy. So I am going to go by the measuring and get between 80-85kg. If I can be in that range and have a 88cm tummy then I know I am healthy. Taking into consideration I do a lot of strength training also.

Talking about strength training, my wonderful personal trainer has found a great system to encourage strength training. I am now bench pressing wide grip 26kg and close grip 21kg next week I will go up again. Aim is 50kg. I am now doing 10kg pec fly first time yesterday. So I am back going forward at a nice rate.

I do have Tough Guy Gal again this year there is a wall you have to walk along, I am now working on combating my vertigo. Last year a man held my hand I hoping to do it myself. I take the kids to gym. There I have walked up a bench on an angle got half way up and walked backwards a couple of times, I stood up on the beam but could not move, I was at the park the other day and have wooden logs for fencing and my daughter and I were walking a long it. It was only about 2 feet off the ground but fact I was able to walk along it was good.

Well that is me for another week. Please have a look at the links.


Where Have I Been and Christmas Is Coming

Sorry I have been missing over the last few weeks, life has been a bit hectic and I just needed time out from well LIVE..

I have been feeling blah because I have spent the last year and a half getting fit losing weight and learning to eat clean but I still felt fat and bloated. I decided to try going gluten-free and see if that made a difference. WOW.. what a change my tummy is not looking like I am about to give birth. My head has stopped. When I went on anti depressant last year for a few months it stopped all the noise going on in my head. Well the same thing happened when I went gluten-free. I also have a lot more energy.

One thing I did do was have a take away here in town and found my throat felt like it was closing on me and I felt like I was hung over the next day. It really showed me how clean my body has got.

SO where to next. I am going to continue this gluten-free diet as it is making me feel great.

I wont be continuing my weekly  meal planners but I will continue to put photos up of food I have tried and websites to where I have found information.

Now I have found a couple of Facebook pages I have found them great so will share them here.

I have been getting great advice and ideas from them.

I have gone back to working out once a day it is all about finding the balance in life and I was trying to do way to much. So have decided to work out once a day during term time and twice a day during holidays. When time permits.

My garden is looking great and will try to get photos of what is happening but my garden is abundant with food for the summer.. It is great to see everything producing so much.

I did not do the Whanganui half marathon as I am not fit enough and I am still working on this shoulder it is getting a lot better than what is was. I hope to get back into it soon I am also going to have to relearn how to walk with out getting tense as this does nothing  for my arm

Well It is nearly Christmas, all the family gatherings, work gatherings, friends gatherings,  just cause we can gatherings.  How do you manage to get through all these gatherings, I have two committee dinners to go to this is all new to me I just to go and just get what ever but now I have to really think about what I am going to do.

A) I have worked to hard to destroy all I have done.

B) I have got my body clean for the first time ever

C) I am now gluten-free and feeling way better for it.

So steps I have put in place are.


A) Know that yes I have worked hard but to have a few days now and then to let my hair down is ok. It is ok to be human to go out and have fun. Sometimes we get to entrapped in our new life style that we forget to have fun.

B) Yes I have body clean, If it gets dirty I will clean it again just like I have a shower. But I will make sure that I am prepared before I go  to anything like having something to eat before I go so I am full and wont need to eat so much. Drink water when I am there. As that is what I drink and I am not going to drink other stuff for the sake of it. I know I can have a great time on water done it before I can do it again.

C) I am going to go and check out the restaurants before hand so I know what there is so I can have something so not to compromise my health.

With a little bit of planning your able to go out have fun and enjoy your Christmas and still have fun..

When you are out and about try to socialise the point of being there is to see friends and family that you might not of seen for a while. Try and chat to people away from the food table. Try and size what is on the table and if there are lots you like take small portions of thing to be able to try each if you desire.

Last Thing


Meal Planner Better Late Than Never

Lemon Pepper Chicken,

Chicken Nuggets

This is your way of having something that most people love but in a healthier way you could make your own oven chips out of potato or kumura ( sweet potatoes). Make a nice salad  to go with.

Kebabs are a great way to get vegetables into you. also kids love to help you make them.

This week I have put in a soup recipe for you all. I got inspired by a friend of mine who had a Moroccan soup and said it was nice so I found this one which is similar

Now that for most the weather is getting cold there is nothing like hearty stew. Try and get other vegetables into stews also or have some on the side.

Pork goes so well with apple this is one of the few foods I am happy to put meat with fruit with.


Last meal is my off night meal this week is nachos. you will notice that once a week there will be something in the weekly planner that is not what “dieters” would recommend. But for me once a week I have a meal that is not as  healthy, but in saying that most of the time it will be a meal that I still add veges etc to it. If I want to of course.

Putting fruit with vitamin C with meat is great, your body is able to absorb the iron much better, Iron requires vitamin C to work efficiently. If you are like me and think fruit is for snacks and pudding etc, then try eating something after you have eaten your meal to try to get that iron absorbing.

Meal Planner,

Hi all, well what a busy week it has been, my children had Home and Country show in the weekend so we had lots of activities to prepare. It has been an emotional week, with things happening in my life, I have been reading other people’s comments on different pages saying they are having a bad week, not eating well, not going to the gym, having real emotional time. I am putting it to the change of seasons, daylight saving and then of course anything in their lives that are assisting to what is in the air.

I have had a real emotional time to the point I have not been doing my food journal, I have lost my mojo, I am sure I will find it again. As I know I have done in the past we all go through imbalances. We all go emotional moments that throw us out, for we are only human and we all take on life in our own way. We are all special to our own unique way in how we handle life, some people get stressed and eat, (that is me) some people get stressed and can go and relax, paint, go for walks, work through what is happening. But what happens when you are stressed but all you can see is that life is great, that there isn’t at this point in time anything that should be stressing you, or making you feel really unbalanced in life. This is really hard position to be in cause there is not one specific thing that you can see that you can fix. Now I am sure there are ways that councilors or psychologist can tell you why you are feeling like this. But I am not one to go and pour my heart out to some stranger. I for I just have to keep going, and every day gets better than the one before and before I know it I am back to where I was.  I can see tonight things that are triggering my unbalancing when you find them you can learn to move forward.

Well I have cooked meals last week but have been slack in doing the photos.  Here is this weeks meal planner,  hope you try one of them. I am looking forward to doing the spinach cannelloni. I am using spinach from out of my garden. Remember if I put something up look and see if you can make it healthier, that is your challenge do you need that butter or oil it asks for, can you add more vegetables what about salt can you replace with herbs for more flavour.

Enjoy your food appreciate what it is doing for you.,,10000001063311,00.html chicken cacciatore  Apple and Pork chop bake.

and don’t forget a nice bowl of your favourite Vegetable or other kind of soup that you like.


This is tea tonight Vegetable chorizo paella. I have never had chorizo sausages before, but my gosh are they hot, we do not usually have spicy food we make meals but just keep the hot spices out. If you are like us and can only handle minimal heat cook up some other sort of sausage and put them in. But other wise this is a really good meal. Another well worth the meal. You could also use chicken or seafood in this also.

WOW.. I Just Had The Best Surprise Ever.

tonight’s tea  who would have thought that grilling pita bread could make something that is usually really dry to me into something quite moreish. I did not put the spice on like they said to as I forgot to get it but really didn’t need it. This type of meal is pushing my daughters taste buds but even she attempts and eats what she can. I highly recommend this meal.

Top 10 Healthy Foods

Well I have been sitting here looking at websites about different foods, and I kept seeing TOP 10 HEALTHY FOODS.

Please remember this is my opinion and if unsure please do your own research on food before adding or taking away, I am not a health profession I am here to show you what is out there to try and improve the food you eat.

OK so I typed in top 10 healthy foods and you get so many top 10 healthy foods,

So here is my list of  WEBSITES they are not in any specific order, I do not endorse any company this is solely to show you the top different 10’s some are the same some have different things, but I hope after looking at a few you get the idea and you may find items you want to try. Even if you find one new thing to try than this post has been worth it.

Here is a list of 50 foods, now as I agree with most of these items, I don’t agree with coffee cause of the caffeine effects on the body esp the brain. Also soy products, as these get highly processed before we get them and many other reasons other than that, all foods in my opinion are good to eat

Leave a comment if you are going to try or have read this and have tried.

Good Old Hummus

Hummus,  here is a link for any one that doesn’t know what hummus is.

Well there are all types of humus and it is up to you how you go about using this delectable substance.

I have always stared clear of hummus, I have tried it a few times but not really my thing, and we all have preferences.  Also because I was seeing it as an unhealthy option in my weird and wonderful mind. All I could see it was an oily dip.

Well times have changed since my last try of hummus I have become more aware of health benefits of different food, my tastes have changed and I also now look into food to see what it can do for me.

I was at Richards (PT) the other day and he had made cruskits  link shows what cruskits are. Richard stated he makes his own hummus without oil, well for starters I thought great, he let me try some and I loved it. He told me how he makes his. I went and got the ingredients but have been busy on a two-day course so I have been putting Tahini on cruskits instead. I finally got around to making this hummus it is not the same as Richards but still tastes great. Even though I out in same ingredients.

I had gotten rid of butter off of my  toast and sandwiches I am not really one for spreads like jam etc. But this hummus is great.

I just had a Cruskit with humus, boiled egg, ham, it was very yummy, I got inspired to share about humus with you all.

When I make my humus I do not put oil in, as I get enough good fats from using LSA, Linseed, sunflower seeds and Almonds and many other ways in my diet I don’t need to be putting more good fats in. Here are some websites to teach you more about humus.

Those Last 10 LB..

Oh what to do you have been exercising watching what you have been eating and you are almost at that goal but you feel like nothing is moving, close feel the same,

Your not alone.. I am at that point, well not really the 10 lb part but getting close to fitting into these trousers. But I have been feeling like I have become stagnant my weight isn’t going up or down, I have in the terms of weight loss hit my plateau. The question I came up with is what do you do when you are nearly there and nothing is working. You use google and you look to see what other recommend.

I found most basically saying keep going you’re doing well your on the right track, well funny enough we know this, and as much as it is good to hear I want to know what I need to change, Well I found one web site,

Now I am not one for dieting and if you have ready my dieting blog you will know my thoughts on that words. But I am here to go through my battles so that I can help you.

I found this website and it said things like last   and what to do.

Here are some tips I got from it..

how many calories, protein, carbs, fat,  a day,

How many meals a day,

How much water,

and many more If you are just starting out or getting near the end go and have a look at this website. I do not put many websites up like this as I feel they are all trying to sell a gimmick it is only cause I feel he has written a lot of good things,, and of course there are going to be things that I am not fussed on ..but this is as close as I am going to get.

I am also not one for writing things down I have been there done that why on earth would I want to go back.. but sometimes in life we need to go back to be able to move forward, so that is what I am doing. I have read that website, taken what I need, I am using his journal, I am not one to print things out as I don’t like to waste paper, but thank goodness when I am done I can recycle,

I have spent two weeks writing down all my food and kilojoules and I can see that there are areas of concern. I can see that I have high fat intake a lot more than I should be having. From doing this and if you are not doing a  journal  for your food please do. Especially if you are at this point of your new healthy regime. You will find areas that you did not realise. I have done well I have gone from eating junk to healthy, I have learned so much along the way, and I am continuing to learn.

After 4 years separation. this weekend just been my kids did their night away to their dads and I went to the gym. We talked about chocolate oh how I love chocolate. Was so easy to give up till Whittaker’s made white chocolate and raspberry mmm,,,,well I left the gym and went home and had my tea and know chocolate no chips no alcohol no nothing no junk food not even hot chips.. I had an epiphany, Why am I sabotaging myself why am I eating junk on a Friday night and then going to the gym to burn it of. That is a bad cycle I have gotten into and the though of Monday I am doing a new challenge   in  , why would I want to eat chocolate and then have to use that   to burn it off when I should be burning off what is already there. ( oh time 53.20 for my  ).

So this is when it all happened why am I stuck.

One other thing I thought I would never do and I have is changed my eating habits.. large meal snack large meal snack large meal snack. for a long time I have watched my PT eat small meals going yeah right I not going to do that. what ever, had all the excuses under the sun. Well we have a lecturer now at PT, for teaching students to become nurses, I want you all to hold your hand up in a fist.. that is your stomach. so next time you go to have a big plate of something just remember that is what you are trying to fit all that food into. Also the other thing you also need to leave from for it to be agitated so it can be broken up properly.

Well now you no more about your anatomy I hope  this helps. I know it did for me.

Back to this website, I put that figures into the website and I got my calories total. but it also breaks things down into amounts per meals and different ratios of meals.

For two days now I have eaten six small meals. I have written down on the journal from the website one thing when I was writing up last week was not enough calories, and this is important.. to eat lots of right foods and lose weight.  This journal recording is going to make sure that I eat enough calories for my weight loss and keep my metabolic rate up. I also found I was having way to much fat. So the idea now is to make a weekly food chart using the journal to make six meals which I feel heaps better for doing so. .not bloated, and lots more energy. I am obviously keeping my blood sugar level which is great.

Just to recap.


  •  Check out this website,
  • Journal your food,
  • Keep going with your exercises. New challenges goals, changing how you are working out, Also have you been doing the same thing for the last 6 weeks, have a change your body will love you for it.
  • Have a look at changing when you eat. You just never know more smaller meals might just be the change you need.
  • Also I will be writing up on the 1st of November that gives me two weeks to put all this into play and two weeks I get to try on my trousers. That will be the tester to see if my changes have worked or not.


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