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Weekly Wednesday and The Week That Was

Well what a week, but I have survived another one.

This week I had a blow, my Personal Trainer is moving out-of-town he is still keeping his business but to have his company move forward he needs to keep to his plan.. 19 months I have been with him, I have learned so much from him as he has from me.  I will continue my work outs I have come way too far for them to stop. So that was a bit for me to take in. I am not really one for change but I am slowly improving.

Well I am still chest pressing 26kg but I have gone up in weights for other exercises.  I did one extraordinary thing week I ran to the gym, I was kid-less so now when i am child free I am going to jog to the gym. Asked me two years ago if I would ever run to a gym I would have laughed. Now I can’t believe it I am doing it.

On the note for improving, something happened this week which tested me a bit. But I came out looking at the positives. I have found that I am seeing things really differently and for the better. Being gluten-free and getting rid of the brain fog, and doing a business certificate has helped me immensely. Working out has also improved my confidence.

I am not the weakling that I was in so many ways.

I was at a meeting for an organisation that my daughter is part off and I got talking to one of the leaders there and she mentioned an over something dance class.. Well I went, I stepped outside my comfort zone and I went. They have been learning a dance for the last 3 weeks and I went along tonight and I learned it tonight and kept up with them it was great. Afterwards the teacher asked if I had ever danced before because I did so well. Only dancing I do was with the kids when they were younger and in the nightclubs. So I will be going back LOVED IT. They do dances on stage at end of year with all the ballet, tap, modern, etc for the Christmas show they are also looking at getting this group out in the community more. I need more ways to build my self-esteem and confidence.

As the saying goes as one door closes another one opens. I was walking Tuesday and Thursday but due to my daughter being part of St John (recommend all kids go and join their local group if you have one), my walking had to stop. I did not want to go looking for something to replace I wanted what life had to throw at me next. Well, turns out one of the leaders from St John go to the dance group and she is the one that told me about it that she goes. So you just never know where your next hobby will come from.

Well my vegetable garden is in full swing. I am getting loads of blackberries and strawberries, tomatoes are ripening up nicely. I will be making soup in next few days. zucchini are still coming thick and fast and this year I have managed to get 3 cucumbers from my plant, I am still getting stuff of my dad also to help supplement my garden. So now we have beans to add to the mixture, so just waiting for things to grow.

So nice being able to go out to the garden and pick fresh produce the way Mother Nature intended it.

Cooking tip for the week.. wet a paper towel, take a few layers off corn cob and chop base. Wrap paper towel around and cook for 3 minutes delicious.

Well see you all next week, wonder what this week will bring.



Weekly Food Planner, What Are You Going To Try?

I start this post with my thoughts to all the people who have been affected in America. Such a devastating time to millions of people and hope your all able to recover quickly.

This is what we are having this week as you can see we enjoy a variety I often eat veges and I will add veges like carrot to mince meals, Food can be so much fun. Finding a recipe and seeing how you can make it that bit healthier, or to just finding ways of adding more vegetables. Just remember we eat to live not live to eat, have fun get the family involved in cooking make it a real social occasion. Your body is having a party every time you eat, so why shouldn’t you..

I will give you links to websites for recipes or even write-up a recipe from my trusty recipe book,

I won’t be telling you nutritional information, and this is why, some people are just looking for inspiration, some people want to look at calories, fat, protein, some people just want to jazz their meals up with a bit of spice.

I am not a nutritionist, but what I am is a mother, that is on a mission to find recipes that makes eating a way of life that is fun for us but also that is good for the body.

Mexican Pork stir Fry

Honey Spice drumsticks

Meatballs and spaghetti

Fattouch with crispy lamb

Steamed fish parcels

Vegetable chorizo paella

Soup your choice

I usually have one soup a week this is a good way to get vegetables into us. This is minestrone, vegetable any kind, there are thousands out there, this week I am having onion soup. I always make a big pot of soup and I am able to freeze and then I have soup ready to have. Also check out recipes that you can buy and make more of and freeze and in portions that you can pull out like a ready meal, or partial ready meal.

Also if you are going to have salad try to make it fresh, I brought some deli salad from a supermarket, which is ok if you are in a hurry but fresh is best.

Hopefully you have had a good summer vege garden or you are just starting your summer one depending on where you are.  Make the most of it.

Bon appetite

From My Garden

As we all know fresh is best, I have just ventured out into the garden, to find this,

I also picked broccoli, what we do is when you grow your broccoli leave the base in and you will get young broccoli shouts, these are just as good also.. use in stir fry’s salads etc, The kale has gone to flower so I have pulled it out but before pulling out I pulled off all Kale leaves that are edible. (must see if you can eat Kale flowers). It is always a pleasure to be eating from my garden.

We have now planted more Kale, Spinach and Potatoes, this is the first year for potatoes will let you know how we get on,

I really hope you get inspired to grow a vegetable garden, It is such a lovely feeling to know that what you are eating you grew it.



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