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Gluten Free..

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I love cheese on toast, I used to eat it nearly every day,, well actually cheese melt, cook toast. smother with butter and add cheese and microwave, I love the feel and taste of the melted butter with the gooeyness of the cheese.

Well I had some yesterday and within a couple of hours my tummy bloated so much my trousers were really tight and I looked like I wanted to give birth to twins..

Because I have always eaten it I have never noticed that most the weight I had on me was cause I was bloated. Now that I am in tune with my body and I can see what affects me.

I also have not had cheese in a while and my flauctuants has  been fine, I eat dairy, and I think I can give dairy a miss also esp. cheese.

I often talk about being in tune with your body it is so important to listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to food.


So that is the end of my love of cheese on toast, I really didn’t like the way I felt afterwards. during was fine.. mmmm… but the aftermath lasts way longer..


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Well I have cut a lot of sugar out of my body, only caffeine I have now is Green Tea in the morning and a couple of pieces of dark chocolate in during the week, and of course sugar in yoghurt and bread and cheeses, which are already added and honey to porridge. The rest of my diet is as natural as possible. I have my body well balanced. I have no added chemicals going into my body, I may have one panadol every now and then to combat a headache I used to take two but have found one does the job and then that is after I have had water, and maybe food or even a lie down to see if I can shift it before pumping my body with chemicals.

Yesterday being 24th June I went out, I went to High Tea for a family gathering, It was very nice, In a nice setting, grand piano playing, idyllic cups and sauces, three tier stand of sandwiches of brown bread and salad or asparagus rolls. An array of scones, slices and cakes. So we gather, we all sit at the table the lady comes around and asks if we would like bubbles or juice, then she comes around and asks what hot drink we would like. I only have green tea, feeling good that I have chosen well. Everyone else had bubbles, I don’t drink alcohol, but that is a whole different post. We start to eat, I have sandwiches was refreshing nice brown bread, with lettuce cucumber tomato, and meat, Looks like meat used from Sunday roast in their restaurant. They were tasty I had several of them,  I then went on to the cake selection, lemon tart, carrot cake, lamington, eclair, caramel slice, there was a slice not sure what it was but very nice, scones with jam and cream, all well presented and I tried them all, So here I am sitting there thinking I really shouldn’t be eating all this, or having several tea cups of tea. We were there for about an hour. So that is an hour of chatting and eating. For me it was more eating, I not fussed on social gatherings.

So what has happened to me side effects of me going out yesterday,

  • Bloating
  • Feeling ill almost like I am h
  • The emotional roller coaster of why did I eat so much
  • Being wide awake was 1am when I got to bed,
  • This morning really really tired,
  • Unable to go to PT to have a safe work out,
  • Feeling flat
  • And still feeling ill,

I really did not think that I would be effected this bad, I knew it would effect me but not this bad. It goes to show me how well balanced my body is, and how easily it can become unbalanced, So this has taught me to not indulge in sugary treats, and if I do only a couple not one of each, and also not to drink a pot of green tea late in the afternoon. This has put my day out, my body out, but has taught me a valuable lesson.

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