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To Eat Or Not To Eat The Yolk

Over the years I have eaten the whole egg then I would only eat the egg white, I have covered this before, but just wanted to refresh minds and new people to my blog, you can eat the whole egg.

If you are still not sure, I feel people use only egg white cause of less calories and the fear that has been in stalled in them that yolks are bad, but from what I have been reading it is ok just like anything else in moderation.  If you are keeping a calories based diet, writing planning meals you can see how easy it is to add the whole egg and gain all those extra nutrients. Here are a couple of links,

There are many different websites out there, some scaremongering saying they are bad but always read to the bottom as most turn around and then say but it is ok to eat them in moderation,

Moderation is really important just like any other foods.


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