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Weekly Wednesday And The Week That Was.

Well this week has been a very quiet week in the way of healthy eating, fitness, etc.

I would like to say I have now lost 20kg on Friday I did weighed in and low and be hold the needle was sitting on 88kg that made me very happy.

I have been under some stress this week, my eating has been not very good at all, I do feel that my 20kg lost is creeping back up. I did not go for a hike on Sunday, but I did go to the cultural festival on Saturday where I walked a lot. I did not go to the gym on Monday but went on Tuesday, where I did a good full body work out and I have found a tread mill work out which each day is quite long but I am breaking them down. When I go into school holidays I will go twice a day and will do the treadmill routine in the morning full and then normal work out in the afternoon. But time restraints mean I must have good time management in the gym. 

Richard gives us challengers, I am pleased to say I have done this week and that was to do two routines off the wall. Which I have done.

The challenge from last week is still work in progress due to my shoulder still plays up now and then and the challenge was to do 50 push ups, very frustrating to think I could do quite a few push ups fully and I am down to doing them on my knees I can do 30 with very straight back and my arms going 90 degrees. when I get to 50 I am going to go back to full ones and start again. I want to get to 50 full.

The treadmill I am doing has a task each day, I am running 2 mins at 9.5km and then 2 mins at 6km. feels good to be running at 9.5km as I used to have to run at 8km and I was puffed. My fitness has definitely gone up another level for certain things. I know I have a long way to go but every day I go is another step forward.

I have also been told that I am an inspiration again. I have been asked information on how to do weights, I have shown one person that there are treadmill work outs etc on the net so she can up her treadmill works and spice it up about. I have encouraged good healthy eating with others. I am becoming a turn to person for seen I am not going through a company but making this a full journey for life and seen I seem to have found a good formula as I have been doing this for years that works for me other are wanting guidance, I never thought I would be guiding others. I have looked into doing a course as a personal trainer but I have to go into course, or be working and get it that way I was hoping that I could do course work and do it at the gym I go to but will look more into this further down the track.

well this is the week that was. Keep it simple and let the world know your alive by bracing all opportunities that come along.






Weekly Wednesday And The Week That Was

Well what a week,

Thursday saw us going for a hike, first part was up, paths and steps but what a view, Manawatu Gorge had a MASSIVE slip, and they have now done a loop track, so the children and I went with other homeschoolers and did this. I can now say yes I am a lot fitter but I still don’t like hills. I struggled at the start, but the rest was easy.  Oh the hike was nearly 2 hours. We would like to eventually do the full gorge walk.. will be good.

There were great views.  See photos.

So we have been upping the boxing of late, am loving it I would suggest anybody that goes to the gym find a boxing class..

I volunteer on a couple of committees,  Sunday just been we were at a family day, but on Friday I spent a lot of time on my feet making 100 mini gingerbread to put on our stall.. So Friday night I was shattered.

I have been working out hard this week last week with PT here, So next week will prove a few challenges for me but I will take each one as it comes.

Well had dance class tonight we learning new routine, hip hop this time was a lot of fun.

This morning I was feeling fat, I never tried my black trousers at the fist of this month so I tried again. Well I put them on and hardly had to suck my tummy in to do them up. Was a great achievement so I am going to keep trying to be able to wear them out and about.  So I now have revisited and spruced up my goal.

My food eating has not been that great and I have to start eating a variety of food I getting stuck into same routine and not that good of a one.  Variety is spice of life they say.

My routine at gym today was,  boxing, am really enjoying it worked out with another lady today, we held the bag for each other, ended up 500 punches doing about 4 or 5 different kinds of punches, and did 200 kicks am getting a lot fitter for it but we stand still no bouncing around.

This week also the reintroduction of the 20 minute challenge.  Oh dear I was 15cal short on the bike.. I you do various things like scissor jumps with weight, step ups, crunches, push ups etc, and then you do 100cals on the bike.. 20min came and went.. I hope to keep it part of my routine as we have not done it for a while and I did do it near the 19min mark. I will keep trying, I putting it down to end of the day, tired, not fuelling myself right.

Please folk make sure you fuel your body for your work outs. I have been slack with food and it has been affecting my work outs. I cannot stress enough about fuelling your body correctly to get the most out of your work outs.

Goals this year are:

  • To wear my black trousers in June I have a family gathering to go to.
  • Chest press 50kg


I am sure I will find other goals as I go along.

Well that was the week that was.  Keep it simple folks and see you next week. p.s follow me on twitter, I am going to start writing what I am doing at the gym. I am hoping this will keep me going if

Looking up at the steps.

Looking up at the steps. they go off to the left at the top. 

I am logging.. 🙂

There is a car or a truck down below there

There is a  truck down below there

At the bottom of the hundred steps

At the bottom of the hundred steps where the slip is. 

Weekly Wednesday and The Week That Was

Well what a week, but I have survived another one.

This week I had a blow, my Personal Trainer is moving out-of-town he is still keeping his business but to have his company move forward he needs to keep to his plan.. 19 months I have been with him, I have learned so much from him as he has from me.  I will continue my work outs I have come way too far for them to stop. So that was a bit for me to take in. I am not really one for change but I am slowly improving.

Well I am still chest pressing 26kg but I have gone up in weights for other exercises.  I did one extraordinary thing week I ran to the gym, I was kid-less so now when i am child free I am going to jog to the gym. Asked me two years ago if I would ever run to a gym I would have laughed. Now I can’t believe it I am doing it.

On the note for improving, something happened this week which tested me a bit. But I came out looking at the positives. I have found that I am seeing things really differently and for the better. Being gluten-free and getting rid of the brain fog, and doing a business certificate has helped me immensely. Working out has also improved my confidence.

I am not the weakling that I was in so many ways.

I was at a meeting for an organisation that my daughter is part off and I got talking to one of the leaders there and she mentioned an over something dance class.. Well I went, I stepped outside my comfort zone and I went. They have been learning a dance for the last 3 weeks and I went along tonight and I learned it tonight and kept up with them it was great. Afterwards the teacher asked if I had ever danced before because I did so well. Only dancing I do was with the kids when they were younger and in the nightclubs. So I will be going back LOVED IT. They do dances on stage at end of year with all the ballet, tap, modern, etc for the Christmas show they are also looking at getting this group out in the community more. I need more ways to build my self-esteem and confidence.

As the saying goes as one door closes another one opens. I was walking Tuesday and Thursday but due to my daughter being part of St John (recommend all kids go and join their local group if you have one), my walking had to stop. I did not want to go looking for something to replace I wanted what life had to throw at me next. Well, turns out one of the leaders from St John go to the dance group and she is the one that told me about it that she goes. So you just never know where your next hobby will come from.

Well my vegetable garden is in full swing. I am getting loads of blackberries and strawberries, tomatoes are ripening up nicely. I will be making soup in next few days. zucchini are still coming thick and fast and this year I have managed to get 3 cucumbers from my plant, I am still getting stuff of my dad also to help supplement my garden. So now we have beans to add to the mixture, so just waiting for things to grow.

So nice being able to go out to the garden and pick fresh produce the way Mother Nature intended it.

Cooking tip for the week.. wet a paper towel, take a few layers off corn cob and chop base. Wrap paper towel around and cook for 3 minutes delicious.

Well see you all next week, wonder what this week will bring.


Where Have I Been and Christmas Is Coming

Sorry I have been missing over the last few weeks, life has been a bit hectic and I just needed time out from well LIVE..

I have been feeling blah because I have spent the last year and a half getting fit losing weight and learning to eat clean but I still felt fat and bloated. I decided to try going gluten-free and see if that made a difference. WOW.. what a change my tummy is not looking like I am about to give birth. My head has stopped. When I went on anti depressant last year for a few months it stopped all the noise going on in my head. Well the same thing happened when I went gluten-free. I also have a lot more energy.

One thing I did do was have a take away here in town and found my throat felt like it was closing on me and I felt like I was hung over the next day. It really showed me how clean my body has got.

SO where to next. I am going to continue this gluten-free diet as it is making me feel great.

I wont be continuing my weekly  meal planners but I will continue to put photos up of food I have tried and websites to where I have found information.

Now I have found a couple of Facebook pages I have found them great so will share them here.

I have been getting great advice and ideas from them.

I have gone back to working out once a day it is all about finding the balance in life and I was trying to do way to much. So have decided to work out once a day during term time and twice a day during holidays. When time permits.

My garden is looking great and will try to get photos of what is happening but my garden is abundant with food for the summer.. It is great to see everything producing so much.

I did not do the Whanganui half marathon as I am not fit enough and I am still working on this shoulder it is getting a lot better than what is was. I hope to get back into it soon I am also going to have to relearn how to walk with out getting tense as this does nothing  for my arm

Well It is nearly Christmas, all the family gatherings, work gatherings, friends gatherings,  just cause we can gatherings.  How do you manage to get through all these gatherings, I have two committee dinners to go to this is all new to me I just to go and just get what ever but now I have to really think about what I am going to do.

A) I have worked to hard to destroy all I have done.

B) I have got my body clean for the first time ever

C) I am now gluten-free and feeling way better for it.

So steps I have put in place are.


A) Know that yes I have worked hard but to have a few days now and then to let my hair down is ok. It is ok to be human to go out and have fun. Sometimes we get to entrapped in our new life style that we forget to have fun.

B) Yes I have body clean, If it gets dirty I will clean it again just like I have a shower. But I will make sure that I am prepared before I go  to anything like having something to eat before I go so I am full and wont need to eat so much. Drink water when I am there. As that is what I drink and I am not going to drink other stuff for the sake of it. I know I can have a great time on water done it before I can do it again.

C) I am going to go and check out the restaurants before hand so I know what there is so I can have something so not to compromise my health.

With a little bit of planning your able to go out have fun and enjoy your Christmas and still have fun..

When you are out and about try to socialise the point of being there is to see friends and family that you might not of seen for a while. Try and chat to people away from the food table. Try and size what is on the table and if there are lots you like take small portions of thing to be able to try each if you desire.

Last Thing


That Brick Wall Has Come Back

There comes a time in your life that you have to stop. You have to stop counting the calories stop worrying about how you look, cut back on going to the gym cause you feel that your life revolves round the gym and eating and am I doing this right or that right. You feel like you just want to live. But I don’t mean by feeling like you need to return to the old ways. I mean to just stop and smell the roses and let life catch up with you..

I have been going to the gym now twice a day for a while I have gotten into my size 14 jeans and my size 16 top. I felt that I had to keep pushing myself to get to the next step. When really all I need to do and stop and smell the roses. Well in my case stop and let my body catch up. Let my body and mind decide on whether it can handle being this size do I really need to go down to a size 12 and 14.. am I just grasping at a battle of when I get down to that size can I sustain being at that size when right now I not sure if i can even sustain being at this size.

I have also found that going to the gym twice a day is cutting into other aspects of my life. Especially my children’s. Even though they come with me and one works out when she wants to I feel it is time to take a step back and only go once a day. During term time and twice a day during school holidays. This will not only give me time to get stuff done I need to but also give me the chance for my body to see if it can handle being at this size. Almost like a maintenance.

Life has been hectic I have handed in my second to last assignment, and I am also wondering what next 3 years I have been studying, I have put a lot of time and effort into these courses. I am one that likes to be doing things and I am not sure what direction to take now.

I know I have to stop and smell the roses for a while where I get to enjoy my children and my hobbies and just life in general I am on a couple of committees but they don’t take up to much of my time.

I also know that I suffer from depression I have spent the last few years working on issues. Every now and then I go through a really bad patch and yet every time I stop to look at why I am the way I am. I am then able to work through and get back on track.

I also was on the depo and I have come off it. I am finding my body is unbalanced and it is working through things on its own accord. I have to let my body do what it needs to do.

My shoulder still has moments where I have to rest it so it can get better.

So I have lots going on I try to be strong on the outside but often am crying on the inside.

But one thing I do know is where I am a much knowledgeable person and that makes me strong to be able to get through things that can feel like a mountain at times.

I have also had to over come a huge obstacles in my life, it is not till recent that I have come to realise that my school days were no good. Which I knew they weren’t but not till recently when I have been teaching my children how bad the situation was. I am having my second education also. It is heart breaking to see me struggle with stuff. I soon get it and I can teach the children. But it is hard to sit there knowing how dumb you have been over the years. I am increasing my knowledge to help the children in their schooling and I know I know a lot of stuff. But I also feel like I have wasted so much time.  I know the saying you only get one life but it is not till recent that I realise how important that saying is.. as I sit here as a 35-year-old and am winging my way through life I have decided I want better.

So as you can see I have been dealing with a lot of stuff having good days and bad days but just trying to find the balance of life.

WOW.. I Just Had The Best Surprise Ever.

tonight’s tea  who would have thought that grilling pita bread could make something that is usually really dry to me into something quite moreish. I did not put the spice on like they said to as I forgot to get it but really didn’t need it. This type of meal is pushing my daughters taste buds but even she attempts and eats what she can. I highly recommend this meal.

I Hit My Goal

Well after months of hard work and goal setting I have achieved two goals.

Starting size was 18-20 clothes or xxl//xl New Zealand sizing.

My main goal when I started this journey was to get into size 14 jeans and size 16 top well I have achieved this. I feel great that I have put all this effort in and have achieved. Was just the other day I could really feel like I had lost a lot because I was being smart and dancing in the car to embarrass my preteen daughter and realised I could move so freely and wondered how on earth I managed to do that when I was larger.   So now I am at this size I have decided that I need to reassess where I am at and where to next.

My Size 14 trousers and 16 top

My other goal was to fit into these clothes black trousers and white shirt.

My first aim was to get them up, then next was to do them up, that was my biggest thing for these trousers and to not have the gap in the front of the shirt.

Now I have achieved this I can see where my next goal is.

My next goal is to get rid of the muffin top from my trousers. Each month I will take a photo and post it.  

If you set your mind and set realistic goals breaking a main goal into small achievable goals  you have a greater chance of succeeding.


Once I used to measure all the time, just like the scales but not as bad.. more weekly than every day.  I have not measured myself for at least a couple of months. I woke up the other morning and noticed that I had lost weight around my neck. Others have probably noticed it cause as we all know we are the last to notice changes to our body. I wanted to know what my measurements were but not in a way that I used. Before it was weight then feel horrible cause my body was not moving, or it had moved but was never happy with the measurements. I can see that I have lost weight I know the tape measure is going to say that I have. So it was more putting a number to what I have already lost opposed to finding out what I have lost. So changing the measuring around so to speak.

Well this is what I was a few months ago

Arm – 37.5cm  Chest- 113cm  Waist- 102cm  Hip butt -119cm  Thighs -57.5cm Neck -37cm

and I am happy with the new measurements

Arm – 37cm   Chest – 110cm  Waist –  101.5cm  Hip butt – 117 cm  Thighs – 51.5cm Neck- 36cm

but I also knew that I would be, because I can see what  I have lost so there was never going to be any disappointment. I will measure myself again when I can see that I have lost enough to warrant being measured.

So to measure yourself after you can see that you have lost weight and putting a number to what you can see you have lost is a different way of seeing your changes.

Now some are wondering why measure at all if we know we have lost. I have been pondering that also what is it going to achieve. Well we are human and we like numbers when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. So putting a number to your visible shrinking body will fill that hole for a number and but will decrease your disappointment.

Try it wait to see a loss on your body and then measure it what have you got to lose.


Good Old Hummus

Hummus,  here is a link for any one that doesn’t know what hummus is.

Well there are all types of humus and it is up to you how you go about using this delectable substance.

I have always stared clear of hummus, I have tried it a few times but not really my thing, and we all have preferences.  Also because I was seeing it as an unhealthy option in my weird and wonderful mind. All I could see it was an oily dip.

Well times have changed since my last try of hummus I have become more aware of health benefits of different food, my tastes have changed and I also now look into food to see what it can do for me.

I was at Richards (PT) the other day and he had made cruskits  link shows what cruskits are. Richard stated he makes his own hummus without oil, well for starters I thought great, he let me try some and I loved it. He told me how he makes his. I went and got the ingredients but have been busy on a two-day course so I have been putting Tahini on cruskits instead. I finally got around to making this hummus it is not the same as Richards but still tastes great. Even though I out in same ingredients.

I had gotten rid of butter off of my  toast and sandwiches I am not really one for spreads like jam etc. But this hummus is great.

I just had a Cruskit with humus, boiled egg, ham, it was very yummy, I got inspired to share about humus with you all.

When I make my humus I do not put oil in, as I get enough good fats from using LSA, Linseed, sunflower seeds and Almonds and many other ways in my diet I don’t need to be putting more good fats in. Here are some websites to teach you more about humus.

To Eat Or Not To Eat The Yolk

Over the years I have eaten the whole egg then I would only eat the egg white, I have covered this before, but just wanted to refresh minds and new people to my blog, you can eat the whole egg.

If you are still not sure, I feel people use only egg white cause of less calories and the fear that has been in stalled in them that yolks are bad, but from what I have been reading it is ok just like anything else in moderation.  If you are keeping a calories based diet, writing planning meals you can see how easy it is to add the whole egg and gain all those extra nutrients. Here are a couple of links,

There are many different websites out there, some scaremongering saying they are bad but always read to the bottom as most turn around and then say but it is ok to eat them in moderation,

Moderation is really important just like any other foods.


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