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Weekly Wednesday And The Week That Was.

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Hi all… Hope you all survived Easter, I had a friend come and stay the weekend and because she is from Denmark I went all out to show her around and to give her good Kiwi food. We did two trips out and about, and ate lots. But my scales were kind to me. My body copes well with junk food, as I seem to have my body burning calories lots and staying active whilst I was eating poorly all helped.

Well as you all know that I don’t believe in diets as such, but a healthy eating regime that is going to last a life time, I am always fine tuning and always giving my body a chance, I am a bit like my own personal guinea pig at times. Things that are working for me at the moment are,

  • Gluten Free 
  • Clean Eating
  • Working out 

One thing I have realised is that I have actually cut back my routine at the gym, so I am burning fewer calories. Ever since Richard left I have got a bit slack.

I really needed a boot up the bum, I also saw photos of me in the weekend that my friend took and I thought I looked fat in them. My friend said how great I am looking, I also had ‘a friend’s son

ask me what my sisters name is and he was talking about my 11-year-old daughter. So I must be doing something right.

A friend I work out with at the gym told me about Chris Powell.  There are so many websites out there, Chris has an amazing story behind how he got to where he is today. I looked at the website watched Dr Oz. and I am now reading his book. Wow what an awesome man he is. The book gets you to look at yourself in such a different light. It is a refreshing read. I am going to take my gluten-free and clean eating life style and apply some of his techniques. My body has plateaued and I have tried all sorts but not this way. Carb cycling but difference is his life style is for every it isn’t a start and end like most diets that are out there. But a life long lifestyle.

I have had more energy since starting it and I don’t peak with energy like I was. I am exercising first thing in morning and in afternoon. I am upping my work outs again, and I have a great mental state over my body now I feel like I have opened a new chapter to my book of life. I feel like I have been on holiday and came back but all refreshed.

3 months till Tough Guy/Gal so I want to get fit for that also. So 3 months is my Goal I have been feeling quite lost of late, but have found my mojo again.


Any way I didn’t way in last week I forgot but I weighed after Easter and no damage.


Hope you all have a great week and remember Keep It Simple.. 🙂


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