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Gluten Free..

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I love cheese on toast, I used to eat it nearly every day,, well actually cheese melt, cook toast. smother with butter and add cheese and microwave, I love the feel and taste of the melted butter with the gooeyness of the cheese.

Well I had some yesterday and within a couple of hours my tummy bloated so much my trousers were really tight and I looked like I wanted to give birth to twins..

Because I have always eaten it I have never noticed that most the weight I had on me was cause I was bloated. Now that I am in tune with my body and I can see what affects me.

I also have not had cheese in a while and my flauctuants has  been fine, I eat dairy, and I think I can give dairy a miss also esp. cheese.

I often talk about being in tune with your body it is so important to listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to food.


So that is the end of my love of cheese on toast, I really didn’t like the way I felt afterwards. during was fine.. mmmm… but the aftermath lasts way longer..



Wednesday Post It

Hi to one and all, I have been missing in action, I have been really lost of late, I am sure we all get like that at times. For 3 years I have studied, for 5 years I have worked with my son, I have done a lot of researching I have been busy and full on for such a long time and lots have come to an end. No more study, I have things in place for my son, I have good plans in place for the running of he house. I have balance. But I felt lost, I have come to peace that life does not have to be full on. I am allowed to rest take nana naps and all be ok. I am still the same size I was this time last year, and I have gone back to using myfitnesspal. very easy way to log food and keep track. I can see how far I have come in knowing the importance of writing your food all food every morsel that goes into you is written down.

I am looking forward to Tough Guy Girl again that is in June, I am now bench pressing 26kg, my shoulder is better and I am aiming for 50kg, I have clocked out the bike at the gym, I did 100mins 135ocals 33 km.. was stoked, as I have been feeling bit blah and only been managing grade 5 on the bike and somehow from some where I pulled that out of the bag.. I am back .. full force like a steam roller, feel great to find that spark,

We all have time in our lives where we wonder what we are doing, it is good to rest reflect and refocus on who we are and what we are doing, we can get so caught up in life and it passes you by before we even realise. This has been to true for me of late.

The age-old go and smell some flowers, go for a walk, kick ball with the kids or read them a story, make a picnic and go find a field.. these moments in life are really important,

The children and I went for a walk to get an ice cream, we set out and 11km later we found a shop we walked long the river walk way across town. We were all tired at the end, but I have made a memory, go forth and start making memories.

Oh by the way my vegetable garden is producing well again this year, and list is longer than it was last year,  Have you started your garden yet and hows it going??


That Brick Wall Has Come Back

There comes a time in your life that you have to stop. You have to stop counting the calories stop worrying about how you look, cut back on going to the gym cause you feel that your life revolves round the gym and eating and am I doing this right or that right. You feel like you just want to live. But I don’t mean by feeling like you need to return to the old ways. I mean to just stop and smell the roses and let life catch up with you..

I have been going to the gym now twice a day for a while I have gotten into my size 14 jeans and my size 16 top. I felt that I had to keep pushing myself to get to the next step. When really all I need to do and stop and smell the roses. Well in my case stop and let my body catch up. Let my body and mind decide on whether it can handle being this size do I really need to go down to a size 12 and 14.. am I just grasping at a battle of when I get down to that size can I sustain being at that size when right now I not sure if i can even sustain being at this size.

I have also found that going to the gym twice a day is cutting into other aspects of my life. Especially my children’s. Even though they come with me and one works out when she wants to I feel it is time to take a step back and only go once a day. During term time and twice a day during school holidays. This will not only give me time to get stuff done I need to but also give me the chance for my body to see if it can handle being at this size. Almost like a maintenance.

Life has been hectic I have handed in my second to last assignment, and I am also wondering what next 3 years I have been studying, I have put a lot of time and effort into these courses. I am one that likes to be doing things and I am not sure what direction to take now.

I know I have to stop and smell the roses for a while where I get to enjoy my children and my hobbies and just life in general I am on a couple of committees but they don’t take up to much of my time.

I also know that I suffer from depression I have spent the last few years working on issues. Every now and then I go through a really bad patch and yet every time I stop to look at why I am the way I am. I am then able to work through and get back on track.

I also was on the depo and I have come off it. I am finding my body is unbalanced and it is working through things on its own accord. I have to let my body do what it needs to do.

My shoulder still has moments where I have to rest it so it can get better.

So I have lots going on I try to be strong on the outside but often am crying on the inside.

But one thing I do know is where I am a much knowledgeable person and that makes me strong to be able to get through things that can feel like a mountain at times.

I have also had to over come a huge obstacles in my life, it is not till recent that I have come to realise that my school days were no good. Which I knew they weren’t but not till recently when I have been teaching my children how bad the situation was. I am having my second education also. It is heart breaking to see me struggle with stuff. I soon get it and I can teach the children. But it is hard to sit there knowing how dumb you have been over the years. I am increasing my knowledge to help the children in their schooling and I know I know a lot of stuff. But I also feel like I have wasted so much time.  I know the saying you only get one life but it is not till recent that I realise how important that saying is.. as I sit here as a 35-year-old and am winging my way through life I have decided I want better.

So as you can see I have been dealing with a lot of stuff having good days and bad days but just trying to find the balance of life.

Meal Planner,

Hi all, well what a busy week it has been, my children had Home and Country show in the weekend so we had lots of activities to prepare. It has been an emotional week, with things happening in my life, I have been reading other people’s comments on different pages saying they are having a bad week, not eating well, not going to the gym, having real emotional time. I am putting it to the change of seasons, daylight saving and then of course anything in their lives that are assisting to what is in the air.

I have had a real emotional time to the point I have not been doing my food journal, I have lost my mojo, I am sure I will find it again. As I know I have done in the past we all go through imbalances. We all go emotional moments that throw us out, for we are only human and we all take on life in our own way. We are all special to our own unique way in how we handle life, some people get stressed and eat, (that is me) some people get stressed and can go and relax, paint, go for walks, work through what is happening. But what happens when you are stressed but all you can see is that life is great, that there isn’t at this point in time anything that should be stressing you, or making you feel really unbalanced in life. This is really hard position to be in cause there is not one specific thing that you can see that you can fix. Now I am sure there are ways that councilors or psychologist can tell you why you are feeling like this. But I am not one to go and pour my heart out to some stranger. I for I just have to keep going, and every day gets better than the one before and before I know it I am back to where I was.  I can see tonight things that are triggering my unbalancing when you find them you can learn to move forward.

Well I have cooked meals last week but have been slack in doing the photos.  Here is this weeks meal planner,  hope you try one of them. I am looking forward to doing the spinach cannelloni. I am using spinach from out of my garden. Remember if I put something up look and see if you can make it healthier, that is your challenge do you need that butter or oil it asks for, can you add more vegetables what about salt can you replace with herbs for more flavour.

Enjoy your food appreciate what it is doing for you.,,10000001063311,00.html chicken cacciatore  Apple and Pork chop bake.

and don’t forget a nice bowl of your favourite Vegetable or other kind of soup that you like.

Why Logging All Foods In Your food Diary Is So Important

Over the years I have partaken in writing food journals, whether it was cause I was in a paid diet or I was just watching what I was eating.

Depending on what journal I was doing dependent on what I wrote some just asked for food others asked for calories, protein, and other nutritional information, and some even asked me to count how many glasses of water I drank a day.

Now I like a list for grocery shopping, list for kids to get stuff down around the house they have a purpose, what is the purpose of writing down the food, to me that was like writing down food to make me feel guilty in all the areas I went wrong, it was always the negatives I was looking at, I was also really bad at writing down my foods, I would do really well for a few days then have a blow out and think oh well I will start again tomorrow and not write them down. Oh how wrong was I in not writing it down. I was never giving me a true representation of what I was truly doing, and I still didn’t understand the whole why am I doing this.

Well if you have been reading my blog you will know that I have been, I finally found a system that works for me,

this is one area of concern, I have been doing food diaries because everyone kept telling me I had to and here use this or go here and get this one. But I had to find something that was true to whom I am. So I have taken bits and pieces and made my own, I do urge you if you if it doesn’t feel right find a system that is going to work for you we are all different and we all have our own ways of doing things.

So I have found a system that works for me and I am not writing water in talk about how to get obsessed with  something you don’t need to as a lot of your fluid in take comes from food. I know the food I eat and I know the water I drink I am also in tuned with my body so water does not need to be recorded.

So I have been doing this journal after I wrote just the foods down and I could see that fat is a big issue for me but also that I was not getting enough calories. So this new journal that I have put together is for me to make sure that I have enough calories in my diet and the right amount of fat.

So this is my awakening about food journals. This is the bit that I just did not get.

I eat x amount of food which has X amount of fat.. this is in my ratio so great.

I then eat another x amount of food and I get X amount of fat.. this X amount of food technically I should not have eaten.. I am eating to live not living to eat. So this food has taken me well over my fat and I do the old oh well life happens move on start fresh the next day. But instead I decided to write all that I ate down. I have done it for the last four days. Now I can see why this is what I can see now that I could not see before.

It is written down it is in front of your eyes it is real. You have just informed yourself that you have just eaten x amount of calories. I then write next to it stating why, for me it has been stress on different occasions. It was like a light bulb going of. I was not proud that I ate that amount of food but I was proud that I wrote it all down and I could see, this was the missing link, this is giving me the true account of my eating habits, this is going to show me my weak points in my life, how to I am going to achieve my healthy size I want to be in my new healthy lifestyle.

Whom would have thought that writing down every single thing could make such a difference all these years I failed because I didn’t write ever single morsel that I ate.

Now I look back and think to myself how could I not see that. How could I not understand that seeing a true account of your eating habits is actually really productive in your weight loss. It is not just about writing your food and your calories like all journals tell you to do but also your mood what happened to make you eat that piece of cake or that chocolate, crepes all 8 of them with butter and golden syrup.  Seeing it written down why you did it, can make a huge different in how you see things. If you ate fancy desert or cake cause you went to a wedding or a party, then you write it down, if you got depressed over something write it down. Write all of it down.

Then you can see what things trigger you to eat, and this is going to give you the power to move forward.

I can see now the days that I have blown out but I can also see why. This for me has being so empowering in the fact that I now have control of my food. It is up to me to watch for triggers and learn from them not to hide them by not writing them down like it never happened that is not a true account of what has happened.

So please if you are sitting here reading this and you think “oh dear I didn’t write that food down” go and do it right now you will feel so much better for it..

This is how I do my journal.. using  excel sheet I have put in product  calories carbs protein and fat, I printed off a sheet from I laminated this as I am not one to keep lots of bits of paper but have tried websites before, So doing this suits my personality well. I put my daily food in, I sit down with my daughter and we put together a meal that will suit us for the week and I take this and add things that I need to suit my  6 meals a day.  I use the spread sheet to write down food that I use this is my dictionary I love excel and works great for me. I use a white board marker to fill in my laminated sheet for the day sometimes will be preplanned other days I wing it.. ( note not really best idea on winging it usually don’t do to well on these days), at the end of the day I calculate everything and I put it in the next page on Excel. I also write next to it what is gone well or why I went over my fat count.
After 7 days of doing this I will start to see where stresses are in my life and find ways to deal with them.

This has for me been the best system that takes in all my personality traits.

So please if you are sitting here reading this and you think “ops I didn’t write that food down” go and do it right now you will feel so much better for it..

If you have not started to journal your food, look at why you are not doing it yet have you done it in the past and it did not work did you like any parts of that journal. Then take that part and make your own up. But don’t fret if  it doesn’t work out keep going till you find a system that works for you. Also think about what you are trying to record is it why you binge it.. or you are eating too much fat or just to keep what calories you have eaten,  what ever your reason been make it about that specific item. Bye working on one thing at a time your are more likely to succeed, I am working on calories, fat ratio, how can I get enough calories in my diet without all the fat intake.

please comment on if you use a journal and how it works for you or anything you would like to share about journals

Life is My Richness

I have decided that November is coming around too quickly, school is about to start again so our life is going to be hectic, least no swimming for the kids this term that is going to restart next year. We have had such a busy year this year and with only 3 assignments left to finish I am looking forward to no study after 3 years,I will have gained, Business, Computing and Administration Certificate, and New Zealand Institute of Management Intro To Management Certificate. I have loved studying and I have loved showing the kids you are never to old to learn. I have just started to learn the guitar, but my main aim is to learn the Clarinet so watch this space. Am saving up for one.

Isn’t it funny how life goes, for years you struggle to get where you want to be then with a few changes in your life it all seems to fall into place.

When I was a kid I was great at saving money, then I grew up and life happened and I lost my good saving habits, one of my courses I did had about money, plus I read the money mans book, that is a great read,      I found this book to be great, I have worked through it and I got a better knowledge and understanding, also when I worked through my financial course work , it became clear that whole scenario of “if you can’t look after yourself or your money how are you suppose to help others”. Beginning of the year I went into the bank and the lady got me to make a list of all the things in my life that needed money she made an account for each one and $5 went into each. I was still not sure if this would work but I gave it a try because I was going around in silly circles I had got into debt twice with credit cards and I wanted out of that vicious circle.  I want to be a bit like but not totally as in her money personality,  she retired and paid cash for a trip over seas for her and dad. I want to aspire to something not just to keep going around in silly circles. But I found I was not there totally with mind set, and I kept eating into the savings. Well a couple of months ago I freaked I had closed down the bank accounts and was in a rut I needed something Christmas is coming, I have since found another bank which is hard to get money out of. I have several accounts building up for things like car, plants for the garden, music account so I can get the kids and me the things we need, that sort of thing, I even have two accounts just opened yesterday to my normal bank. I want to get it that all the accounts are in the one bank, but I had to find a way to get me saving but also in the right mind set. It has taken me a while but I am getting there. It is good I am finally on track.

Now you probably wondering why I have written this in..

When I first split I had depression, and I didn’t really care about much, I made sure kids were fine, and daily tasks were done. But over time you learn that in life it is what you make of it, if you don’t put one foot forward you will still be in the same place you are in a years time. Having my son with Autism also taught me one thing at a time. I have covered this in earlier posts but want to recover it again as I know it is a long process to get where one is today. It is not an over night adventure where you go to sleep dream all is well and wake up and life is fantastic, it doesn’t work like that.

So I had to work on depression. I would like to say that today I have done days just like every body else, but I now know how to deal with them, I then worked on money, I had to get me out of this hole I was in, and as you read above I am well on the way. I then worked on fitness, and health, Having a great personal  trainer is so important. Being able to talk to him like a councilor, a friend, a trainer, bit like Bob Harper on Biggest Loser, being able to get to the nuts and bolts of why you are the way you are.  That is important, every time I think I am there, I find more inner strength and knowledge, people say knowledge is power, well they are so right, I have gained so much knowledge in the last few years. From doing my courses, reading books, talking to people, researching, teaching my children. Learning is an amazing thing and you are never to old to learn whether it be a new habit, activity, or even to just increase your knowledge about the way you are living. I have found that every time think I am done there is always a new chapter, I can see what new chapters are going to be so this blog will continue right through my life. It has already started at the beginning of my life. I feel like a caterpillar and I have eaten up knowledge and I am in the Chrysalis part just waiting to bloom into a wonderful butterfly, I can feel it that I am so close to my goals.

So far I have made this blog about health and fitness. But I now that is only one part of me, my struggles through my financial woes has been an underlying factor that plays on my mindset and invades other parts of my life. health is about your body but also your mindset it is finding things in your life that you worry about.

Here is a money personality quiz that you can use to see what sort of money person you are,

As for budgets, work out how much money you have coming in, work out your expenditure, when bills usually come in, but keep it realistic I have worked on my budget and it has been changed so many times but every time I do it it gets better and better, and you will see patterns happening things that work thing that need to be changed.  Become friendly with excel on Microsoft office, It makes budgeting so much easier, use one tab write house, personal, car,  write your weekly income, fortnightly, monthly write them down on the page, this is anything to do with the running

House phone, power, gas, insurance, rent, rates, food, cell phone, internet, etc,

Personal, Health such as drs prescriptions, hair cuts, travel, Christmas, holidays/travel,  then you have,

Car, Petrol, Warren of Fitness, Car registration, tyres, services etc,

writing the amounts next to each also writing if it is weekly fortnightly and monthly,

When you have a good idea on what you have coming in to what you have going out, Then you are ready to start your budget.

You need to find the best way for you and your income, some people on weekly will do a weekly budget or fortnightly budget, to go with their partners wage of fortnightly, or fortnightly to monthly, or just as their income comes in the budget is set to that wage.

There are a couple of ways and these are just my opinion there are many others out there, your other wise a hoarder or a spender when it comes to a budget, if you are hoarder and pay bills on time etc then, setting up a bank account strictly for bills when a bill comes in you pay it from that account and you don’t touch it but because you are a hoarder this will work well for you,

Now for the spenders: Automatic Payments, let them become your best friend in the financial world,  Have them set up weekly, you have your budget you know how much each week money has to go out for rates, power, insurance, etc. Have them done on an automatic payment, the night your pay goes in the night all your bills go out so you don’t see that money you don’t have a chance to spend it. When you wake up in the morning it is all gone. What is left is for your food and petrol. All money for bills have gone to the companies. What ever is left after all that and your food and petrol is yours. If you are wanting to save do the same thing automatic payment. Least then you know that money is going out. You are paying the bills you have food and petrol money and then after that, what is left is yours,

Really important in these times to find ways that are going to work for you. There are so many books and websites you can read about money. Work out what you want to achieve, are you not getting bills paid on time, maybe that is one, maybe you want to right a budget, there are great websites out there that will help you, we have which I have used a lot also in getting me where I am today.

I am not Rich but I am not poor, though I am a work in progress,

You Just Got To Try It.


Being Saturday and today I choose this to be my nothing day.. each week I choose one day to be my nothing day if it feels like a chore your working to hard, I myself might play my online game, play board game with daughter, watch movie with my son, even do some study, I might not even get out of bed till lunch time, so not cleaning, gardening unless for relaxation purposes, no hard-core exercise, I its your day to relax, to breath, smell the roses, and to re energies.

Today I did something different, I really relaxed, I went to a relaxation class,  you do a lot of breathing and stretches and but of core and balance work on in a relaxed environment,  felt like you were doing across between Tai chi, ballet for strength, yoga, Pilates,  you then lye on the floor and turn your mind of and relax your body. Been a long time that I have relaxed like that, now I could not switch my mind of completely as I have a fast active brain. But I was able to shut it down at times. My OCD kicked in at one point cause my shirt was not sitting right.

But, in saying that I am going to go back again, my body feels like jelly all relaxed and my mind is not going as fast as usual.

I would highly recommend finding a relaxation class, it is well worth it,

It has taken me a while where I have never had a day where I just do nothing, I was one of these people who got up in the morning and was on the go till they went to bed, as time has gone on and I have been living this regime I have found that this has just flowed into my life and I have taught myself that having one day off to do nothing in particular to be very therapeutic it re energies me to take on what ever the world has to offer me for the next week, and now I have taken it one step further with this relaxation class. So please go and find a class, I am sure you will love it…

Today I See!!!!

Well today I woke up; found myself doing the first of the month try my trousers and Top on.  When I first started I couldn’t even do the shirt up and let alone get the trousers over my bottom, I still can’t do the trousers up that is the next goal. So it got me thinking

about how far I have come and I found an old pair of shorts I wore last summer.

These are size 18 and I should have been in a size 20 but no way was I going there. 



After talking at PT with few different people I have realised my mind-set has changed again after seeing my photos today. I have first come to realise I am coming to the end of a life long concern for me. I was scared for a while to get there, that I would eat food and put on weight so I wouldn’t get to the end. Today I have come to the realisation that this is the last part of the weight lose journey but that it is not then end. I know that I will still need to keep my fitness up so that I don’t go flabby, but also maintenance is going to be a whole new ball game. In all my years of dieting this is going to be the first time ever I get to maintenance. So I need to prep myself so that when I get to there I have goals in place so that I do not keep losing or put on. I have come way to far to give up now, I have not much left to go and I know I said December 25th but have said to get trousers being done up on the 25th November. So I will try trousers on again at the 1 November then again on the 25th November and then again on 25th December.  Today was a really good check on where I was and how far I have come and that it is ok be near the end of one journey and know that there is still plenty of journeys left to be had. This is life long so I just like you will have lots of journeys. One thing I do recommend and really wish I had done at the start was to take photos.. Start recording your journey, there will be times that you can not see differences but taking photos will show you where you are losing. Often people will see where you have lost where you can’t and the photos will give you this opportunity to see.  Also find the size clothing and an outfit in that size and start photographing it.. It is a great way to see where you’re at. I can’t recommend this enough. This outfit has been with me a long time when I first was wearing it I was in the mental state of I am fat.. Oh how wrong I was. The Trousers are size 12 and the top is about a 14.. and I thought I was fat. This time round I know I am not fat I have the right frame of mind to know what being fat is. I look forward to the next part of my journey the last part of losing weight and getting into these trousers so watch this space. I will be putting photos up as I go along.

Also the other thing I am going to be doing is I have spent this year and last year looking at lots of techniques for producing lovely baking and I know there is lots more to learn. So I have now decided to change and look at techniques for cooking. As I know I get bored with food and want new Ideas. So I will post the odd meal I make and if it comes with the calories I will add that information too. Life is changing for me, in so many ways, my study is nearly finished, the 7 puzzles are done that my son mixed up, I have learned so much about me health, food and fitness along the way, I have learnt to knit new things, I see me in a holistic way, everything that I once was and that I am now, and it is lovely to see me progress into the wonderful person. I feel like a Caterpillar changing into a butterfly.

What A Day Out.

Sunday 30th September, Sun is shining, birds are singing, we decided to got the esplanade across town, but instead of driving we walked. So we (kids and I) packed a picnic (1) and off we set(930am), From our house we walked to the bridal track down Ruamahaga cress walked along till bottom end of Ruahine Street. We stopped here for a quick morning tea before setting off again, was lovely walking along the river talking to the children about so many different things. Lots of people out and about walking, running, biking, walking dogs, people exercising doing crunches etc, We got to the esplanade took 2 hours of strolling, no speed walking, today was a day for stopping and taking in the sights and sounds smells etc, when we got there we went to the rose garden and had our picnic, it was a bit windy but when the wind died down it was lovely, we had a wonder then went to the bird Avery talking about ideas we can do next term, ie taking out books and reading under tree even maths and English then having a splash in the pool with a BBQ afterwards. We went into the hot-house I found an idea for my garden. Then saw the ducks, then the kids had a great time playing in the park, we then went for a bush walk. We then took to a tree and sat there and watched the day pass by. Mum came and got us at 3pm. Was a lovely day out and hardly any complaints.

Now the reason I am telling you all this is because this is what can be achieved when you get fit and healthy. We always drove every where. But now we do days like this. The next big day is going to be Beehive Track. We have all got so fit including the kids that we can go and do days like this and enjoy it. Where it used to be a chore to have to get out of the house and go and do stuff now we have the energy and days out are fun now and really enjoying what the town has to offer. It makes life so much easier to do so many daily things but it also extends what you do in your life.

(1) salad sandwiches cucumber, lettuce, deli ham, cheese, egg which I added mayo too, no butter and no added mayo. water, bananas, Dried mango, and our water bottles,  now when we used to do picnics we would do, bags of chips, sandwiches, biscuits, fruit, fizzy drink, and the kids didn’t even miss it they enjoyed their lunches.

Stuck in a Rut

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So lately I have been eating the same things.. all healthy nutritional.. have had the odd bit of chocolate that is not within my new eating regime, but then I am only human and a life time of habits I am breaking. So I also have a budget but kept going over so I wondered what I could do to achieve a new way of making the most getting good flavours in my food. Really just making yummy tasting food.. Different food or same foods different taste or look.. So then I thought meal plan.. If I sit down once a week and plan what we are going to have in discussion with the children too, that is very important to get the kids involved and even maybe getting them to cook something also.

So I was looking at meal planners online my PT had shown me one on the Ipad (don’t have that luxury) but I found this one on the internet.. have found this to be quite a good site, there are many out there and is important to find one that suites you.. now you wonder how is this going to help me.

Well. I have found I am looking at recipes more, looking at different websites for new recipes, plus adding my old ones in. For this website I keep all my stuff private I am not into showing the world all my recipes, I am just doing the website for me to get a good handle on what we are buying. Now I do get my eggs from mum and some fruit. the odd vegetable from my dad and some from the garden.. I am now using a variety of foods and tastes. It is getting us to think outside the square more.  One great thing about this is when you print out your shopping list it tells you how many of each thing you need. So if you only need 1 medium carrot that is what is on your list so your are not buying a whole bag of them.. I usually spend $20 in the fruit and vegetable shop today I spent $7.99 so I am already seeing the benefits which meant when I went into the whole foods store i was able to buy not only the mixed nuts and mango dried but was also able to get the dried strawberries.. I am trying to keep my food bill near the $100 mark.. as this is what my budget says I know I have been blowing out so time to take a stand.. Also by doing a food plan I will get all I need for the week and thus means only going to the shop once a week, which will also mean I will be saving petrol and wear and tear on my car. I also only have to think once a week on what I am going to have for tea and if I decided to change nights I can as all the food is in the house. I can see this being beneficial for so many reasons.

Decided that I am eating healthy, I am working out, I am doing all the right things, I was feeling like something has been missing.. control, control on not portions sizes of what I eat but what I am buying… I would buy 7 tins of sardines a week and same for tuna i would buy 4 loaves of bread… now that I am planning my food better I am only buying what we actually need to live off.. I actually feel good that I have found the thing that has been bugging me and I am able to improve my life another step.

  • Meal Planners
  • Think outside the square
  • Good guidance for buying food
  • Roll on effect
  • Can save you money
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