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Weekly Wednesday.. Postponed One Week,

Due to a car accident Weekly Wednesday has to wait till next week where I will do my original post and then an up date of what’s been going on..


So see you all on Wednesday..


Weekly Wednesday And The Week That Was.

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Hi all… Hope you all survived Easter, I had a friend come and stay the weekend and because she is from Denmark I went all out to show her around and to give her good Kiwi food. We did two trips out and about, and ate lots. But my scales were kind to me. My body copes well with junk food, as I seem to have my body burning calories lots and staying active whilst I was eating poorly all helped.

Well as you all know that I don’t believe in diets as such, but a healthy eating regime that is going to last a life time, I am always fine tuning and always giving my body a chance, I am a bit like my own personal guinea pig at times. Things that are working for me at the moment are,

  • Gluten Free 
  • Clean Eating
  • Working out 

One thing I have realised is that I have actually cut back my routine at the gym, so I am burning fewer calories. Ever since Richard left I have got a bit slack.

I really needed a boot up the bum, I also saw photos of me in the weekend that my friend took and I thought I looked fat in them. My friend said how great I am looking, I also had ‘a friend’s son

ask me what my sisters name is and he was talking about my 11-year-old daughter. So I must be doing something right.

A friend I work out with at the gym told me about Chris Powell.  There are so many websites out there, Chris has an amazing story behind how he got to where he is today. I looked at the website watched Dr Oz. and I am now reading his book. Wow what an awesome man he is. The book gets you to look at yourself in such a different light. It is a refreshing read. I am going to take my gluten-free and clean eating life style and apply some of his techniques. My body has plateaued and I have tried all sorts but not this way. Carb cycling but difference is his life style is for every it isn’t a start and end like most diets that are out there. But a life long lifestyle.

I have had more energy since starting it and I don’t peak with energy like I was. I am exercising first thing in morning and in afternoon. I am upping my work outs again, and I have a great mental state over my body now I feel like I have opened a new chapter to my book of life. I feel like I have been on holiday and came back but all refreshed.

3 months till Tough Guy/Gal so I want to get fit for that also. So 3 months is my Goal I have been feeling quite lost of late, but have found my mojo again.


Any way I didn’t way in last week I forgot but I weighed after Easter and no damage.


Hope you all have a great week and remember Keep It Simple.. 🙂


Weekly Wednesday And The Week That Was.

IMG_1031 IMG_1029Thursday saw us go and do the Tawa track, didn’t realise the walk down to the slip was extra so we have been dong 5km so today was Tawa track only which is 4.2km. As we were coming out two bus load of children came a long great to see so many people using the track, we had it to ourselves before they came.

Woo Hoo go me. I have achieved a goal. I am now in the 80kg range. Friday is weigh in day, was great to see the needle on the left of the 90kg. My Next goal is 20kg loss, so I have 4.4 go to.

Sunday saw us going for a bush walk, we did the Gorge track for the first time ever, just over 10km as we took in all the look outs.  My 11 year old daughter came with me.  We took 3.5 hours was really nice day we saw mount Ruapehu.

I really encourage you all when the weather is fine to look up walking tracks. Please remember bush safety.    Here are websites for New Zealand. Please look for your country. 

Walking is a great way to get fit, and we all do walking around the roads, whether a day out shopping, walking the dog etc,  and often forget about the lovely walk ways that different groups for New Zealand it is conservation,  tramping clubs that look after paths and huts. They are just waiting for you to discover them.

They say that you plateau with food where your body does not change, where you keep going and going and nothing is changing. I have found that it also happens with working out. I was stuck in a rut doing lots and felt like I wasn’t going any where then all of a sudden everything has just become more easier.. (shhh don’t tell Richard). Just keep going if you find your not moving your struggling and getting frustrated jazz it up a bit hit that boxing back a bit harder walk an extra km/mile. I have found doing these big walks have really pushed me past my sluggishness. So please never give up.. keep going.. your worth it…

Today(Wednesday) I graduated from UCOL I did NZIM Management Certificate. I did a Graduation way in. 88.5kg 19.5kg. I will put photo up of what I wore. I wore this dress last year out to a nice dinner thought I looked great.. bahaha. more fool me.. Today I looked great the dress hung how it is supposed too.

I have finally realised that I am skinny I still have some to go but I am getting skinny. Has taken me a long time to realise this. I have had to over come many life long issues to get where I am today. But it is totally worth it. Today I was working out and today I felt like a fit skinny person. I have always wondered what it was like to be like the people on work out DVD’s. I have been hearing comments of how great I am doing and how I am an inspiration I am to people. I feel so humble to be and inspiration. I never dreamed in my life that I would be an inspiration to people. I am just me doing my weight loss my way and sharing my life with you all. I am pleased my life is helping others to improve theirs. Here are

some photos of me, gorge track, graduation.

2012-11-01 12.46.09 2013-03-11 07.31.08 2012-09-13 09.27.21 2013-03-11 07.29.52 2012-10-01 09.56.21 2013-03-11 07.30.32 2012-10-01 09.31.33 crop of me 2013-03-10 12.12.19 2013-03-10 10.36.19 2013-03-10 10.37.53 2013-03-10 11.51.59

Xmas Day Outfit

Xmas Day Outfit

Arn’t I looking great..

Found This Great Site

I have been getting lots of recipes and being putting them into a word document but just the link to the page. I have ended up with a long list of non visual items that is in no specific order and take a bit to find anything. So I went on the hunt I wanted a no frills easy to use. After looking through a lot of websites I found this one I was able to get my recipes put in really quickly.

Highly recommend..

Meal Planner Better Late Than Never

Lemon Pepper Chicken,

Chicken Nuggets

This is your way of having something that most people love but in a healthier way you could make your own oven chips out of potato or kumura ( sweet potatoes). Make a nice salad  to go with.

Kebabs are a great way to get vegetables into you. also kids love to help you make them.

This week I have put in a soup recipe for you all. I got inspired by a friend of mine who had a Moroccan soup and said it was nice so I found this one which is similar

Now that for most the weather is getting cold there is nothing like hearty stew. Try and get other vegetables into stews also or have some on the side.

Pork goes so well with apple this is one of the few foods I am happy to put meat with fruit with.


Last meal is my off night meal this week is nachos. you will notice that once a week there will be something in the weekly planner that is not what “dieters” would recommend. But for me once a week I have a meal that is not as  healthy, but in saying that most of the time it will be a meal that I still add veges etc to it. If I want to of course.

Putting fruit with vitamin C with meat is great, your body is able to absorb the iron much better, Iron requires vitamin C to work efficiently. If you are like me and think fruit is for snacks and pudding etc, then try eating something after you have eaten your meal to try to get that iron absorbing.

Weekly Food Planner, What Are You Going To Try?

I start this post with my thoughts to all the people who have been affected in America. Such a devastating time to millions of people and hope your all able to recover quickly.

This is what we are having this week as you can see we enjoy a variety I often eat veges and I will add veges like carrot to mince meals, Food can be so much fun. Finding a recipe and seeing how you can make it that bit healthier, or to just finding ways of adding more vegetables. Just remember we eat to live not live to eat, have fun get the family involved in cooking make it a real social occasion. Your body is having a party every time you eat, so why shouldn’t you..

I will give you links to websites for recipes or even write-up a recipe from my trusty recipe book,

I won’t be telling you nutritional information, and this is why, some people are just looking for inspiration, some people want to look at calories, fat, protein, some people just want to jazz their meals up with a bit of spice.

I am not a nutritionist, but what I am is a mother, that is on a mission to find recipes that makes eating a way of life that is fun for us but also that is good for the body.

Mexican Pork stir Fry

Honey Spice drumsticks

Meatballs and spaghetti

Fattouch with crispy lamb

Steamed fish parcels

Vegetable chorizo paella

Soup your choice

I usually have one soup a week this is a good way to get vegetables into us. This is minestrone, vegetable any kind, there are thousands out there, this week I am having onion soup. I always make a big pot of soup and I am able to freeze and then I have soup ready to have. Also check out recipes that you can buy and make more of and freeze and in portions that you can pull out like a ready meal, or partial ready meal.

Also if you are going to have salad try to make it fresh, I brought some deli salad from a supermarket, which is ok if you are in a hurry but fresh is best.

Hopefully you have had a good summer vege garden or you are just starting your summer one depending on where you are.  Make the most of it.

Bon appetite


Once I used to measure all the time, just like the scales but not as bad.. more weekly than every day.  I have not measured myself for at least a couple of months. I woke up the other morning and noticed that I had lost weight around my neck. Others have probably noticed it cause as we all know we are the last to notice changes to our body. I wanted to know what my measurements were but not in a way that I used. Before it was weight then feel horrible cause my body was not moving, or it had moved but was never happy with the measurements. I can see that I have lost weight I know the tape measure is going to say that I have. So it was more putting a number to what I have already lost opposed to finding out what I have lost. So changing the measuring around so to speak.

Well this is what I was a few months ago

Arm – 37.5cm  Chest- 113cm  Waist- 102cm  Hip butt -119cm  Thighs -57.5cm Neck -37cm

and I am happy with the new measurements

Arm – 37cm   Chest – 110cm  Waist –  101.5cm  Hip butt – 117 cm  Thighs – 51.5cm Neck- 36cm

but I also knew that I would be, because I can see what  I have lost so there was never going to be any disappointment. I will measure myself again when I can see that I have lost enough to warrant being measured.

So to measure yourself after you can see that you have lost weight and putting a number to what you can see you have lost is a different way of seeing your changes.

Now some are wondering why measure at all if we know we have lost. I have been pondering that also what is it going to achieve. Well we are human and we like numbers when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. So putting a number to your visible shrinking body will fill that hole for a number and but will decrease your disappointment.

Try it wait to see a loss on your body and then measure it what have you got to lose.


Life is My Richness

I have decided that November is coming around too quickly, school is about to start again so our life is going to be hectic, least no swimming for the kids this term that is going to restart next year. We have had such a busy year this year and with only 3 assignments left to finish I am looking forward to no study after 3 years,I will have gained, Business, Computing and Administration Certificate, and New Zealand Institute of Management Intro To Management Certificate. I have loved studying and I have loved showing the kids you are never to old to learn. I have just started to learn the guitar, but my main aim is to learn the Clarinet so watch this space. Am saving up for one.

Isn’t it funny how life goes, for years you struggle to get where you want to be then with a few changes in your life it all seems to fall into place.

When I was a kid I was great at saving money, then I grew up and life happened and I lost my good saving habits, one of my courses I did had about money, plus I read the money mans book, that is a great read,      I found this book to be great, I have worked through it and I got a better knowledge and understanding, also when I worked through my financial course work , it became clear that whole scenario of “if you can’t look after yourself or your money how are you suppose to help others”. Beginning of the year I went into the bank and the lady got me to make a list of all the things in my life that needed money she made an account for each one and $5 went into each. I was still not sure if this would work but I gave it a try because I was going around in silly circles I had got into debt twice with credit cards and I wanted out of that vicious circle.  I want to be a bit like but not totally as in her money personality,  she retired and paid cash for a trip over seas for her and dad. I want to aspire to something not just to keep going around in silly circles. But I found I was not there totally with mind set, and I kept eating into the savings. Well a couple of months ago I freaked I had closed down the bank accounts and was in a rut I needed something Christmas is coming, I have since found another bank which is hard to get money out of. I have several accounts building up for things like car, plants for the garden, music account so I can get the kids and me the things we need, that sort of thing, I even have two accounts just opened yesterday to my normal bank. I want to get it that all the accounts are in the one bank, but I had to find a way to get me saving but also in the right mind set. It has taken me a while but I am getting there. It is good I am finally on track.

Now you probably wondering why I have written this in..

When I first split I had depression, and I didn’t really care about much, I made sure kids were fine, and daily tasks were done. But over time you learn that in life it is what you make of it, if you don’t put one foot forward you will still be in the same place you are in a years time. Having my son with Autism also taught me one thing at a time. I have covered this in earlier posts but want to recover it again as I know it is a long process to get where one is today. It is not an over night adventure where you go to sleep dream all is well and wake up and life is fantastic, it doesn’t work like that.

So I had to work on depression. I would like to say that today I have done days just like every body else, but I now know how to deal with them, I then worked on money, I had to get me out of this hole I was in, and as you read above I am well on the way. I then worked on fitness, and health, Having a great personal  trainer is so important. Being able to talk to him like a councilor, a friend, a trainer, bit like Bob Harper on Biggest Loser, being able to get to the nuts and bolts of why you are the way you are.  That is important, every time I think I am there, I find more inner strength and knowledge, people say knowledge is power, well they are so right, I have gained so much knowledge in the last few years. From doing my courses, reading books, talking to people, researching, teaching my children. Learning is an amazing thing and you are never to old to learn whether it be a new habit, activity, or even to just increase your knowledge about the way you are living. I have found that every time think I am done there is always a new chapter, I can see what new chapters are going to be so this blog will continue right through my life. It has already started at the beginning of my life. I feel like a caterpillar and I have eaten up knowledge and I am in the Chrysalis part just waiting to bloom into a wonderful butterfly, I can feel it that I am so close to my goals.

So far I have made this blog about health and fitness. But I now that is only one part of me, my struggles through my financial woes has been an underlying factor that plays on my mindset and invades other parts of my life. health is about your body but also your mindset it is finding things in your life that you worry about.

Here is a money personality quiz that you can use to see what sort of money person you are,

As for budgets, work out how much money you have coming in, work out your expenditure, when bills usually come in, but keep it realistic I have worked on my budget and it has been changed so many times but every time I do it it gets better and better, and you will see patterns happening things that work thing that need to be changed.  Become friendly with excel on Microsoft office, It makes budgeting so much easier, use one tab write house, personal, car,  write your weekly income, fortnightly, monthly write them down on the page, this is anything to do with the running

House phone, power, gas, insurance, rent, rates, food, cell phone, internet, etc,

Personal, Health such as drs prescriptions, hair cuts, travel, Christmas, holidays/travel,  then you have,

Car, Petrol, Warren of Fitness, Car registration, tyres, services etc,

writing the amounts next to each also writing if it is weekly fortnightly and monthly,

When you have a good idea on what you have coming in to what you have going out, Then you are ready to start your budget.

You need to find the best way for you and your income, some people on weekly will do a weekly budget or fortnightly budget, to go with their partners wage of fortnightly, or fortnightly to monthly, or just as their income comes in the budget is set to that wage.

There are a couple of ways and these are just my opinion there are many others out there, your other wise a hoarder or a spender when it comes to a budget, if you are hoarder and pay bills on time etc then, setting up a bank account strictly for bills when a bill comes in you pay it from that account and you don’t touch it but because you are a hoarder this will work well for you,

Now for the spenders: Automatic Payments, let them become your best friend in the financial world,  Have them set up weekly, you have your budget you know how much each week money has to go out for rates, power, insurance, etc. Have them done on an automatic payment, the night your pay goes in the night all your bills go out so you don’t see that money you don’t have a chance to spend it. When you wake up in the morning it is all gone. What is left is for your food and petrol. All money for bills have gone to the companies. What ever is left after all that and your food and petrol is yours. If you are wanting to save do the same thing automatic payment. Least then you know that money is going out. You are paying the bills you have food and petrol money and then after that, what is left is yours,

Really important in these times to find ways that are going to work for you. There are so many books and websites you can read about money. Work out what you want to achieve, are you not getting bills paid on time, maybe that is one, maybe you want to right a budget, there are great websites out there that will help you, we have which I have used a lot also in getting me where I am today.

I am not Rich but I am not poor, though I am a work in progress,

Now What

I have done two major events one life changing. where do you go when you have done something like tough guy girl.. This is where it is hard you have done all that training and your event is over. Goals are a key element in keeping focus. Right now I have changed my way I am training in the gym I was going 5 days a week and two evenings now I am going 5 days a week and any time I can in the evening..I do the routine the PT gives me in the morning then in the evening I go back and do my own training for my goals.. I test myself each evening when I can go in for the half an hour. This way I am getting fit in the mornings which is great for every day use and also for my goals. But then in evening I test myself and make sure what I am doing for my goals are correct technique..

Always improving always making sure you are doing an exercise correct. making sure you are getting full benefit of what you are doing.

This week we did isolated work outs

1 being arms

2 being core

3 being legs..

I sit here today with very sore legs.. I pushed my body to it’s limits but I know that it is well worth it..then will go back next week stronger and fitter than I was last week.

I took a week off after the Half marathon from the gym. Daughter was ill and in that week I made a cake for my father a cake for my daughter and a cake for a family gathering.. The week that I was off I felt slugish and horrible. We ate bad and I felt the pounds going on around my tummy.. (hey were all human right)… well I tell ya this that cake was soooo good I could have just quite the gym for a life of cake. Then realising that the last year would have been a total waste of a year.. I moved forward I contacted Richard and explained I will be back on Monday.. few pounds heavier I know this cause my tummy felt different in my jeans.. and I felt blah it took me a few days to get back into it.

To be able to feel the differences in your body is highly important from feeling motivated full of energy to feeling sluggish to the feel of your clothing fitting you different when you start to get in tune with your body you have achieved so much..

  •  Goals are as I keep saying really important helps you to keep site of what you are wanting to achieve.
  • Hitting a bad patch but being able to get off the couch and back to the gym
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