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Gluten Free..

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I love cheese on toast, I used to eat it nearly every day,, well actually cheese melt, cook toast. smother with butter and add cheese and microwave, I love the feel and taste of the melted butter with the gooeyness of the cheese.

Well I had some yesterday and within a couple of hours my tummy bloated so much my trousers were really tight and I looked like I wanted to give birth to twins..

Because I have always eaten it I have never noticed that most the weight I had on me was cause I was bloated. Now that I am in tune with my body and I can see what affects me.

I also have not had cheese in a while and my flauctuants has  been fine, I eat dairy, and I think I can give dairy a miss also esp. cheese.

I often talk about being in tune with your body it is so important to listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to food.


So that is the end of my love of cheese on toast, I really didn’t like the way I felt afterwards. during was fine.. mmmm… but the aftermath lasts way longer..



Sugar, Gluten and Milk and How it Effects Me

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I have not been around much lately, I have had a lot of things going on. I am recovering from a shoulder injury from my car accident.  I have given up the gym and I was working out at home. That went good for a while but that has fallen flat also. I have eaten gluten, sugar and all other things I shouldn’t really.. and man did my shoulder injury get worse and my hip also.. thought I was going to have to get a walking cane.  So reality kicked in a week ago that I can not keep going like this. So I have made a change, I have cut out gluten, sugar, and I have continued with the almond milk..and what a difference it has made I still get sore with the cold weather, but the pain has gone from a 9 to a 1-2 which I can live with. I found a wonderful website that was a Dr in a hospital that got sick of top drs saying you can only treat with medication for pain. The dr I read thought outside the box and found certain foods can affect you. So I have cut them out some I should have not been having cause I already knew they effected me.

Amazing how foods can effect  your body!!!!!!!!

I had a cheap pair of scales just a stand on pair.. cost $10nzd well not worth it. I got a better set.. Now I am not one for scales.. but for seen I am not going to the gym I am needing to make sure I don’t go back up. I have put way to much work into my life for me to go backwards. I am also on MyFitnessPal again. If I was going to the gym I would not be needing these in place as I would be killing off calories and plenty of them. But it is all food for me at the moment.

I have a busy life and it has got even busier with my children doing activities after their learning. My daughter does drumming, fencing and St John. My son does cubs and has special needs. So life is full on and with me home educating them also. Life is just go go go at the moment.

I am sure when summer rolls around we will get back in to walking and hiking in the bush we love doing that. But for now with winter, the coldness is hurting my joints. I am 36 years old and I feel 100 at times.. But on nice warm days we get out and about and I feel great.. 🙂 

I have made lots of soup being winter freezer is full which is great. Love a nice warm soup on a cold day to warm me up. I have stepped outside the square and have tried new recipes. I have got a couple of Rachael Ray recipes from her cook book I got out of the library. I crockpot on off the internet. So far flavours have been good. I have tomato, onion, minestrone (w/o pasta). mushroom and vegetable, vegetable crockpot, and vegetable that has fennel in it. Never had fennel before so be interesting… crockpot had cabbage in it never had cabbage in soup before either. I am surprising myself on the combinations and that I am actually liking things.

I have also learnt to do my poached eggs in the fry pan, they are not sticking like in the saucepan way easier and yummy.

Tough Guy Girl rolled around again, I was pleased I was injured looks like plenty of people got out there and did it. Even though it was one of the coldest days of the year where we had major cold front come over us and a bitter southerly I could not get warm at all so was pleased that I was not doing it. I hope to get back into things and see how I go next year. But it all comes down to my shoulder and what is happening with that. As I know there is a rope       hill climb and not sure how well my shoulder will cope.. I do have a year.

I am off to the specialist for my shoulder on the 10th of July. So I will see what he says.

I will come in now and then and write-up where I am at I was hoping to do a weekly Wednesday each Wednesday. I will see how time goes. By time we do schooling etc, and sons cubs. Time is getting short for the things I want to be doing. 🙂 Happy Healthy lifestyle folks

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