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That Brick Wall Has Come Back

There comes a time in your life that you have to stop. You have to stop counting the calories stop worrying about how you look, cut back on going to the gym cause you feel that your life revolves round the gym and eating and am I doing this right or that right. You feel like you just want to live. But I don’t mean by feeling like you need to return to the old ways. I mean to just stop and smell the roses and let life catch up with you..

I have been going to the gym now twice a day for a while I have gotten into my size 14 jeans and my size 16 top. I felt that I had to keep pushing myself to get to the next step. When really all I need to do and stop and smell the roses. Well in my case stop and let my body catch up. Let my body and mind decide on whether it can handle being this size do I really need to go down to a size 12 and 14.. am I just grasping at a battle of when I get down to that size can I sustain being at that size when right now I not sure if i can even sustain being at this size.

I have also found that going to the gym twice a day is cutting into other aspects of my life. Especially my children’s. Even though they come with me and one works out when she wants to I feel it is time to take a step back and only go once a day. During term time and twice a day during school holidays. This will not only give me time to get stuff done I need to but also give me the chance for my body to see if it can handle being at this size. Almost like a maintenance.

Life has been hectic I have handed in my second to last assignment, and I am also wondering what next 3 years I have been studying, I have put a lot of time and effort into these courses. I am one that likes to be doing things and I am not sure what direction to take now.

I know I have to stop and smell the roses for a while where I get to enjoy my children and my hobbies and just life in general I am on a couple of committees but they don’t take up to much of my time.

I also know that I suffer from depression I have spent the last few years working on issues. Every now and then I go through a really bad patch and yet every time I stop to look at why I am the way I am. I am then able to work through and get back on track.

I also was on the depo and I have come off it. I am finding my body is unbalanced and it is working through things on its own accord. I have to let my body do what it needs to do.

My shoulder still has moments where I have to rest it so it can get better.

So I have lots going on I try to be strong on the outside but often am crying on the inside.

But one thing I do know is where I am a much knowledgeable person and that makes me strong to be able to get through things that can feel like a mountain at times.

I have also had to over come a huge obstacles in my life, it is not till recent that I have come to realise that my school days were no good. Which I knew they weren’t but not till recently when I have been teaching my children how bad the situation was. I am having my second education also. It is heart breaking to see me struggle with stuff. I soon get it and I can teach the children. But it is hard to sit there knowing how dumb you have been over the years. I am increasing my knowledge to help the children in their schooling and I know I know a lot of stuff. But I also feel like I have wasted so much time.  I know the saying you only get one life but it is not till recent that I realise how important that saying is.. as I sit here as a 35-year-old and am winging my way through life I have decided I want better.

So as you can see I have been dealing with a lot of stuff having good days and bad days but just trying to find the balance of life.


Meal Planner Better Late Than Never

Lemon Pepper Chicken,

Chicken Nuggets

This is your way of having something that most people love but in a healthier way you could make your own oven chips out of potato or kumura ( sweet potatoes). Make a nice salad  to go with.

Kebabs are a great way to get vegetables into you. also kids love to help you make them.

This week I have put in a soup recipe for you all. I got inspired by a friend of mine who had a Moroccan soup and said it was nice so I found this one which is similar

Now that for most the weather is getting cold there is nothing like hearty stew. Try and get other vegetables into stews also or have some on the side.

Pork goes so well with apple this is one of the few foods I am happy to put meat with fruit with.


Last meal is my off night meal this week is nachos. you will notice that once a week there will be something in the weekly planner that is not what “dieters” would recommend. But for me once a week I have a meal that is not as  healthy, but in saying that most of the time it will be a meal that I still add veges etc to it. If I want to of course.

Putting fruit with vitamin C with meat is great, your body is able to absorb the iron much better, Iron requires vitamin C to work efficiently. If you are like me and think fruit is for snacks and pudding etc, then try eating something after you have eaten your meal to try to get that iron absorbing.

Meal Planner,

Hi all, well what a busy week it has been, my children had Home and Country show in the weekend so we had lots of activities to prepare. It has been an emotional week, with things happening in my life, I have been reading other people’s comments on different pages saying they are having a bad week, not eating well, not going to the gym, having real emotional time. I am putting it to the change of seasons, daylight saving and then of course anything in their lives that are assisting to what is in the air.

I have had a real emotional time to the point I have not been doing my food journal, I have lost my mojo, I am sure I will find it again. As I know I have done in the past we all go through imbalances. We all go emotional moments that throw us out, for we are only human and we all take on life in our own way. We are all special to our own unique way in how we handle life, some people get stressed and eat, (that is me) some people get stressed and can go and relax, paint, go for walks, work through what is happening. But what happens when you are stressed but all you can see is that life is great, that there isn’t at this point in time anything that should be stressing you, or making you feel really unbalanced in life. This is really hard position to be in cause there is not one specific thing that you can see that you can fix. Now I am sure there are ways that councilors or psychologist can tell you why you are feeling like this. But I am not one to go and pour my heart out to some stranger. I for I just have to keep going, and every day gets better than the one before and before I know it I am back to where I was.  I can see tonight things that are triggering my unbalancing when you find them you can learn to move forward.

Well I have cooked meals last week but have been slack in doing the photos.  Here is this weeks meal planner,  hope you try one of them. I am looking forward to doing the spinach cannelloni. I am using spinach from out of my garden. Remember if I put something up look and see if you can make it healthier, that is your challenge do you need that butter or oil it asks for, can you add more vegetables what about salt can you replace with herbs for more flavour.

Enjoy your food appreciate what it is doing for you.,,10000001063311,00.html chicken cacciatore  Apple and Pork chop bake.

and don’t forget a nice bowl of your favourite Vegetable or other kind of soup that you like.


This is tea tonight Vegetable chorizo paella. I have never had chorizo sausages before, but my gosh are they hot, we do not usually have spicy food we make meals but just keep the hot spices out. If you are like us and can only handle minimal heat cook up some other sort of sausage and put them in. But other wise this is a really good meal. Another well worth the meal. You could also use chicken or seafood in this also.

WOW.. I Just Had The Best Surprise Ever.

tonight’s tea  who would have thought that grilling pita bread could make something that is usually really dry to me into something quite moreish. I did not put the spice on like they said to as I forgot to get it but really didn’t need it. This type of meal is pushing my daughters taste buds but even she attempts and eats what she can. I highly recommend this meal.

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