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I Hit My Goal

Well after months of hard work and goal setting I have achieved two goals.

Starting size was 18-20 clothes or xxl//xl New Zealand sizing.

My main goal when I started this journey was to get into size 14 jeans and size 16 top well I have achieved this. I feel great that I have put all this effort in and have achieved. Was just the other day I could really feel like I had lost a lot because I was being smart and dancing in the car to embarrass my preteen daughter and realised I could move so freely and wondered how on earth I managed to do that when I was larger.   So now I am at this size I have decided that I need to reassess where I am at and where to next.

My Size 14 trousers and 16 top

My other goal was to fit into these clothes black trousers and white shirt.

My first aim was to get them up, then next was to do them up, that was my biggest thing for these trousers and to not have the gap in the front of the shirt.

Now I have achieved this I can see where my next goal is.

My next goal is to get rid of the muffin top from my trousers. Each month I will take a photo and post it.  

If you set your mind and set realistic goals breaking a main goal into small achievable goals  you have a greater chance of succeeding.


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