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All the way from Korea

Well sort of,  Tonight I did a new recipe, new style that I am used to, usually steak eggs chips onions mushroom, but not tonight.

Tonight I found the most easiest of recipes. How something so yummy could be so simple.  So fresh lettuce and herbs from the garden also good to get some food from the garden.

Ok so if you been following me I usually don’t always have all the ingredients or I add something or leave something out. Well nothing is changed, my lime tree has no fruit so I used lemon I didn’t put crushed red pepper in, and I added yellow capsicum (bell pepper), and no cucumber as I didn’t have much. and I sliced up normal tomatoes as I didn’t have cherry tomatoes.

I have found using the peeler to get thin strips of carrot, nice a quick and easy to do.  

Here is the website that I got the meal from.





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