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Top 10 Healthy Foods

Well I have been sitting here looking at websites about different foods, and I kept seeing TOP 10 HEALTHY FOODS.

Please remember this is my opinion and if unsure please do your own research on food before adding or taking away, I am not a health profession I am here to show you what is out there to try and improve the food you eat.

OK so I typed in top 10 healthy foods and you get so many top 10 healthy foods,

So here is my list of  WEBSITES they are not in any specific order, I do not endorse any company this is solely to show you the top different 10’s some are the same some have different things, but I hope after looking at a few you get the idea and you may find items you want to try. Even if you find one new thing to try than this post has been worth it.

Here is a list of 50 foods, now as I agree with most of these items, I don’t agree with coffee cause of the caffeine effects on the body esp the brain. Also soy products, as these get highly processed before we get them and many other reasons other than that, all foods in my opinion are good to eat

Leave a comment if you are going to try or have read this and have tried.


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  1. Will there be a follow up to this post?


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