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Good Old Hummus

Hummus,  here is a link for any one that doesn’t know what hummus is.

Well there are all types of humus and it is up to you how you go about using this delectable substance.

I have always stared clear of hummus, I have tried it a few times but not really my thing, and we all have preferences.  Also because I was seeing it as an unhealthy option in my weird and wonderful mind. All I could see it was an oily dip.

Well times have changed since my last try of hummus I have become more aware of health benefits of different food, my tastes have changed and I also now look into food to see what it can do for me.

I was at Richards (PT) the other day and he had made cruskits  link shows what cruskits are. Richard stated he makes his own hummus without oil, well for starters I thought great, he let me try some and I loved it. He told me how he makes his. I went and got the ingredients but have been busy on a two-day course so I have been putting Tahini on cruskits instead. I finally got around to making this hummus it is not the same as Richards but still tastes great. Even though I out in same ingredients.

I had gotten rid of butter off of my  toast and sandwiches I am not really one for spreads like jam etc. But this hummus is great.

I just had a Cruskit with humus, boiled egg, ham, it was very yummy, I got inspired to share about humus with you all.

When I make my humus I do not put oil in, as I get enough good fats from using LSA, Linseed, sunflower seeds and Almonds and many other ways in my diet I don’t need to be putting more good fats in. Here are some websites to teach you more about humus.


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