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Shopping Trolley

Once my shopping trolley would have had, chips, fizzy drink, chocolate, all the usual junk food, the fat spreads, high fat this that and the other, sugary cereals. Oh how times have changed, The only bad thing in this trolley is the white sugar. I got this cause the children are needing to bake for Home and Country show for the end of year gathering for the Home Schoolers. The two jars are 100% peanut butter and other one is organic chick peas. I felt so good today buying this load of groceries that I just had to share it with you. Now you will notice no actual meat or veges that comes from organic butcher and vegetables come from a Fruit and Vegetable shop or my garden.

Today I start a two day conference and I would have gone to McDonald or some where like that to get my lunch. But not today! I have apple, banana, pear, Sandwich, Cruskets with meat, I am trying to keep to my 6 small meals even when I am out. New life style means fitting into the world around us. This can be difficult at times but if you are determined to change your ways you will find a way. It is so easy to fall back into old habits. I have $5 sitting in my purse and I looked and I instantly went ooh I can get me a choco bar, then I reminded myself that is the old me talking. So I said leave it there for something else.

This is a learning curve I will always be learning I will always be sharing. Today I just felt very proud of my trolley.


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