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Those Last 10 LB..

Oh what to do you have been exercising watching what you have been eating and you are almost at that goal but you feel like nothing is moving, close feel the same,

Your not alone.. I am at that point, well not really the 10 lb part but getting close to fitting into these trousers. But I have been feeling like I have become stagnant my weight isn’t going up or down, I have in the terms of weight loss hit my plateau. The question I came up with is what do you do when you are nearly there and nothing is working. You use google and you look to see what other recommend.

I found most basically saying keep going you’re doing well your on the right track, well funny enough we know this, and as much as it is good to hear I want to know what I need to change, Well I found one web site,

Now I am not one for dieting and if you have ready my dieting blog you will know my thoughts on that words. But I am here to go through my battles so that I can help you.

I found this website and it said things like last   and what to do.

Here are some tips I got from it..

how many calories, protein, carbs, fat,  a day,

How many meals a day,

How much water,

and many more If you are just starting out or getting near the end go and have a look at this website. I do not put many websites up like this as I feel they are all trying to sell a gimmick it is only cause I feel he has written a lot of good things,, and of course there are going to be things that I am not fussed on ..but this is as close as I am going to get.

I am also not one for writing things down I have been there done that why on earth would I want to go back.. but sometimes in life we need to go back to be able to move forward, so that is what I am doing. I have read that website, taken what I need, I am using his journal, I am not one to print things out as I don’t like to waste paper, but thank goodness when I am done I can recycle,

I have spent two weeks writing down all my food and kilojoules and I can see that there are areas of concern. I can see that I have high fat intake a lot more than I should be having. From doing this and if you are not doing a  journal  for your food please do. Especially if you are at this point of your new healthy regime. You will find areas that you did not realise. I have done well I have gone from eating junk to healthy, I have learned so much along the way, and I am continuing to learn.

After 4 years separation. this weekend just been my kids did their night away to their dads and I went to the gym. We talked about chocolate oh how I love chocolate. Was so easy to give up till Whittaker’s made white chocolate and raspberry mmm,,,,well I left the gym and went home and had my tea and know chocolate no chips no alcohol no nothing no junk food not even hot chips.. I had an epiphany, Why am I sabotaging myself why am I eating junk on a Friday night and then going to the gym to burn it of. That is a bad cycle I have gotten into and the though of Monday I am doing a new challenge   in  , why would I want to eat chocolate and then have to use that   to burn it off when I should be burning off what is already there. ( oh time 53.20 for my  ).

So this is when it all happened why am I stuck.

One other thing I thought I would never do and I have is changed my eating habits.. large meal snack large meal snack large meal snack. for a long time I have watched my PT eat small meals going yeah right I not going to do that. what ever, had all the excuses under the sun. Well we have a lecturer now at PT, for teaching students to become nurses, I want you all to hold your hand up in a fist.. that is your stomach. so next time you go to have a big plate of something just remember that is what you are trying to fit all that food into. Also the other thing you also need to leave from for it to be agitated so it can be broken up properly.

Well now you no more about your anatomy I hope  this helps. I know it did for me.

Back to this website, I put that figures into the website and I got my calories total. but it also breaks things down into amounts per meals and different ratios of meals.

For two days now I have eaten six small meals. I have written down on the journal from the website one thing when I was writing up last week was not enough calories, and this is important.. to eat lots of right foods and lose weight.  This journal recording is going to make sure that I eat enough calories for my weight loss and keep my metabolic rate up. I also found I was having way to much fat. So the idea now is to make a weekly food chart using the journal to make six meals which I feel heaps better for doing so. .not bloated, and lots more energy. I am obviously keeping my blood sugar level which is great.

Just to recap.


  •  Check out this website,
  • Journal your food,
  • Keep going with your exercises. New challenges goals, changing how you are working out, Also have you been doing the same thing for the last 6 weeks, have a change your body will love you for it.
  • Have a look at changing when you eat. You just never know more smaller meals might just be the change you need.
  • Also I will be writing up on the 1st of November that gives me two weeks to put all this into play and two weeks I get to try on my trousers. That will be the tester to see if my changes have worked or not.



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