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From My Garden

As we all know fresh is best, I have just ventured out into the garden, to find this,

I also picked broccoli, what we do is when you grow your broccoli leave the base in and you will get young broccoli shouts, these are just as good also.. use in stir fry’s salads etc, The kale has gone to flower so I have pulled it out but before pulling out I pulled off all Kale leaves that are edible. (must see if you can eat Kale flowers). It is always a pleasure to be eating from my garden.

We have now planted more Kale, Spinach and Potatoes, this is the first year for potatoes will let you know how we get on,

I really hope you get inspired to grow a vegetable garden, It is such a lovely feeling to know that what you are eating you grew it.




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  1. I’ve just started growing broccoli and cauliflower this year and I’ve been so pleased with the results. Lovely pic.

  2. Thank you For commenting LittleSis, Great to hear you have started growing, It is so rewarding,


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