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You Just Got To Try It.


Being Saturday and today I choose this to be my nothing day.. each week I choose one day to be my nothing day if it feels like a chore your working to hard, I myself might play my online game, play board game with daughter, watch movie with my son, even do some study, I might not even get out of bed till lunch time, so not cleaning, gardening unless for relaxation purposes, no hard-core exercise, I its your day to relax, to breath, smell the roses, and to re energies.

Today I did something different, I really relaxed, I went to a relaxation class,  you do a lot of breathing and stretches and but of core and balance work on in a relaxed environment,  felt like you were doing across between Tai chi, ballet for strength, yoga, Pilates,  you then lye on the floor and turn your mind of and relax your body. Been a long time that I have relaxed like that, now I could not switch my mind of completely as I have a fast active brain. But I was able to shut it down at times. My OCD kicked in at one point cause my shirt was not sitting right.

But, in saying that I am going to go back again, my body feels like jelly all relaxed and my mind is not going as fast as usual.

I would highly recommend finding a relaxation class, it is well worth it,

It has taken me a while where I have never had a day where I just do nothing, I was one of these people who got up in the morning and was on the go till they went to bed, as time has gone on and I have been living this regime I have found that this has just flowed into my life and I have taught myself that having one day off to do nothing in particular to be very therapeutic it re energies me to take on what ever the world has to offer me for the next week, and now I have taken it one step further with this relaxation class. So please go and find a class, I am sure you will love it…


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