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Jazz Up That Old Recipe

Last night I did nachos,  I usually do my home made pasta sauce with mince sour cream and cheese. I felt for our new taste buds we wanted to wow them again. So this time I put in pepperdew peppers and spinach, wow what a difference, I also had to whip up some pasta sauce as I have run out I am going to have to plant a lot more tomato’s this year as I want to make my own tomato sauce, and will need a lot more pasta sauce, trial and error this new life style. This new life style is opening many doors for us, especially with our food, looking for new recipes, looking for ingredients we have not tried yet. It is making out cooking a lot more exciting and we want to cook we want to try new things we want to see what we can do to old recipes to make them healthier and tastier. It is well worth the time and effort into trying new things. I am not one much for change and this is pushing boundaries that I though would not every happen I am pleased I am making myself do these things, oh and sorry for no picture but wanted to share my thoughts.

I have also made a new onion soup recipe will be trying that for lunch today, but will talk about that later.


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