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Come and Join Me!!!

  I was talking yesterday to my daughter about how to save for clothing especially me, for seen I am going to be needing a whole new wardrobe. I woke up this morning and saw this on Facebook, funny enough I had talked with Richard (PT) a while a go about doing  jars and putting money in it. So this is my plan, to get to my goal size and every time I go to the gym I put $1 in I can put more in esp if I have done a fantastic work out. I am going to get a jar and put my favourite on Kermit lol. Will take it to PT, and start, when I get to my goal size, I am going to buy me a complete new outfit. I will keep the jar going so that over time I can buy a new out fit every now and then.

So here is the plan.. if you haven’t started something like this yet, go and find a cool jar or decorate it, put it somewhere that you know will be an incentive and every time you go to the gym out a set amount in. Watch it grow as you get fit and healthy, now I know your all not like me, so clothes might not be your thing, but maybe a day at a spa, a small holiday, new hair style, etc, this your reward jar it is yours to do what ever you want with.

Let me know if you have started one and how you get on with it, I will keep you posted as time goes on..


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