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Now That Was a 20 Minute Challenge

Today I did the 20 minute challenge at gym, for me it was bit more of a challenge from physical to psychological. I found myself having downing inner thoughts that I can not do certain exercises and have to miss out,  I felt down for a bit, but then I started, did the 100 calories on the bike, did the 100 scissor jumps no weights usually have hand weights. I did the next few exercises but missed out the push ups. As I was doing the 20 minute challenge, I spent most of the time going over in my head  “how can I do the push ups, I don’t want to miss things out”, so I got to the last exercise and realised I can do a one arm push up standing against the wall, I then did the pull up using the strap with one arm. I am pleased I found a way. That’s just it there is always a way around things, and as the saying goes. “Something is always better than nothing“, I know where I was before I hurt my arm but I am pushing on. I am protecting my arm but still working out and getting fit and losing the weight. I was really proud that I was able to do the 20 minute challenge and push through mental barriers, every day I get stronger.


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