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Today I See!!!!

Well today I woke up; found myself doing the first of the month try my trousers and Top on.  When I first started I couldn’t even do the shirt up and let alone get the trousers over my bottom, I still can’t do the trousers up that is the next goal. So it got me thinking

about how far I have come and I found an old pair of shorts I wore last summer.

These are size 18 and I should have been in a size 20 but no way was I going there. 



After talking at PT with few different people I have realised my mind-set has changed again after seeing my photos today. I have first come to realise I am coming to the end of a life long concern for me. I was scared for a while to get there, that I would eat food and put on weight so I wouldn’t get to the end. Today I have come to the realisation that this is the last part of the weight lose journey but that it is not then end. I know that I will still need to keep my fitness up so that I don’t go flabby, but also maintenance is going to be a whole new ball game. In all my years of dieting this is going to be the first time ever I get to maintenance. So I need to prep myself so that when I get to there I have goals in place so that I do not keep losing or put on. I have come way to far to give up now, I have not much left to go and I know I said December 25th but have said to get trousers being done up on the 25th November. So I will try trousers on again at the 1 November then again on the 25th November and then again on 25th December.  Today was a really good check on where I was and how far I have come and that it is ok be near the end of one journey and know that there is still plenty of journeys left to be had. This is life long so I just like you will have lots of journeys. One thing I do recommend and really wish I had done at the start was to take photos.. Start recording your journey, there will be times that you can not see differences but taking photos will show you where you are losing. Often people will see where you have lost where you can’t and the photos will give you this opportunity to see.  Also find the size clothing and an outfit in that size and start photographing it.. It is a great way to see where you’re at. I can’t recommend this enough. This outfit has been with me a long time when I first was wearing it I was in the mental state of I am fat.. Oh how wrong I was. The Trousers are size 12 and the top is about a 14.. and I thought I was fat. This time round I know I am not fat I have the right frame of mind to know what being fat is. I look forward to the next part of my journey the last part of losing weight and getting into these trousers so watch this space. I will be putting photos up as I go along.

Also the other thing I am going to be doing is I have spent this year and last year looking at lots of techniques for producing lovely baking and I know there is lots more to learn. So I have now decided to change and look at techniques for cooking. As I know I get bored with food and want new Ideas. So I will post the odd meal I make and if it comes with the calories I will add that information too. Life is changing for me, in so many ways, my study is nearly finished, the 7 puzzles are done that my son mixed up, I have learned so much about me health, food and fitness along the way, I have learnt to knit new things, I see me in a holistic way, everything that I once was and that I am now, and it is lovely to see me progress into the wonderful person. I feel like a Caterpillar changing into a butterfly.


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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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