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Now What

I have done two major events one life changing. where do you go when you have done something like tough guy girl.. This is where it is hard you have done all that training and your event is over. Goals are a key element in keeping focus. Right now I have changed my way I am training in the gym I was going 5 days a week and two evenings now I am going 5 days a week and any time I can in the evening..I do the routine the PT gives me in the morning then in the evening I go back and do my own training for my goals.. I test myself each evening when I can go in for the half an hour. This way I am getting fit in the mornings which is great for every day use and also for my goals. But then in evening I test myself and make sure what I am doing for my goals are correct technique..

Always improving always making sure you are doing an exercise correct. making sure you are getting full benefit of what you are doing.

This week we did isolated work outs

1 being arms

2 being core

3 being legs..

I sit here today with very sore legs.. I pushed my body to it’s limits but I know that it is well worth it..then will go back next week stronger and fitter than I was last week.

I took a week off after the Half marathon from the gym. Daughter was ill and in that week I made a cake for my father a cake for my daughter and a cake for a family gathering.. The week that I was off I felt slugish and horrible. We ate bad and I felt the pounds going on around my tummy.. (hey were all human right)… well I tell ya this that cake was soooo good I could have just quite the gym for a life of cake. Then realising that the last year would have been a total waste of a year.. I moved forward I contacted Richard and explained I will be back on Monday.. few pounds heavier I know this cause my tummy felt different in my jeans.. and I felt blah it took me a few days to get back into it.

To be able to feel the differences in your body is highly important from feeling motivated full of energy to feeling sluggish to the feel of your clothing fitting you different when you start to get in tune with your body you have achieved so much..

  •  Goals are as I keep saying really important helps you to keep site of what you are wanting to achieve.
  • Hitting a bad patch but being able to get off the couch and back to the gym

Manawatu Striders Half Marathon

Well it rained one thing to start a marathon and then have it rain but to have it rain on the starters gun not very inspiring at all. But I went . .aim was to do 8-8.5km an hour.. Well we took off and it was going well 7.5km first and second km not sure after that I do know that when I got to 8km I had just hit the 8km mark and just seen dad and my daughter and son. I felt on top of the world I was doing great time got to half way mark and I was still doing fairly we.. Got to the 15-16km mark and I hit my wall.. I wanted to quite I wanted to sit down on the fence and just cry my heart out. it had also started to rain I started to second guess my self.. but then I realised I had no phone and I am certainly no quitter and some where done the track my dad and kids will be waiting for me to cheer me on and take photos.. So I kept going at times I felt like i was going like a snail and wanted to start singing like on a Sunday stroll then other time I speed up and got a good pace going. This time it was my left leg as opposed to my right IT band that played up but I stopped and stretched.. I got back with heaps of people passing me my main aim was 3hours I did it in 2h59m28s. I was happy with that. But I learned so much from that walking.

  • I need to get out walking more and to start to feel what my body is like to walk 8km an hour.
  • I take my watch and to use it properly to time myself and if i am going to fast that it is ok to slow down
  • That it is about you and not anyone else it is your race against yourself you physical ability your mental stamina to be able to go around that course knowing you did your best using all the knowledge you have and that I did not do..
  • Pacing yourself is one of the most important things you need to learn in walking .
  • and jelly beans.. I forgot to take my jellybeans…

Tough Guy Girl

What an amazing day. Sun was shining birds were singing a real buzz in the air. We meet at the gym and we went out to the Army Base. We got registered and found an area were we could leave our gear with the supporters. The 12km people went and then we went.. Well we ran.. yes I ran in an event for the first time I can ever remember we ran for some distance then we came to our first mun hole wow… then down a ditch to the first creek then out of there to the next long mud hole this was hard by now I was nearing the rear which meant that the ground was getting more wetter deeper and sludgy we had to get up bank and i got stuck and someone behind me helped push me up.. then a sudden rush came over me like i never felt before .. how could I get stuck I have work my butt of I have good upper body strength I should be able to get up this bank.. then I grabbed grass and heaved and I was up.. first major hurdle and mind set through… then I ran for a bit more then to the next mud hole saw eels and big spiders not sure what they were but made you go a lot faster.. then it was through a round bricked hole not deep but certainly slowed things down a bit.  Then there was a rope climb up a hill sounds all well and good but the rope was slippery and the ground there was no grip i lost my footing and the girl behind me gave me a platform using her hands i started to panic a bit but I looked down and thought well I cant go back that is just a no show.. I would hurt myself. So it was on wards and up wards.. I was able to get on my knees I grabbed the other rope and using my new found strength I moved one arm one leg then other arm other leg and went up on my knees I got to nearly the top and I saw that there was a netting the other side was using so I lunged for it and got it and kept slowly pulling myself up the netting I got to the top I lay on the grass for the moment relieved in what I though could have gone so wrong. But in moments i was back to running and up the road we went to the water pond.. where we got most the dirt off us.. we then went up the road again where we went off into the wilderness again where we crossed back and forth across the river that held me up.. as I could not see my feet landing and I was a bit nervous of it. After the river we went along and came to the first of barb wire not sure how to do it I turned around and a group of army guys came so I watched them and I then followed them then we ran along up an embankment and then to the Forrest run we came out round a building and then part of the army obstacle courses. The first one my worst nightmare was the brick wall.. climbed up little bricks then along a zig zag wall.. the guy said to me “you will be fine” by now I was exhasuted and not thinking I told him in a pissed off voice ” I have vertigo” the man held my hand and we went across another person fell off and I asked what the thud was they said “someone fell off but he is ok” knowing that i was fine kept going till the end and I had to bend down and jump off.. I felt so over whelmed i could not bend down the guy kept saying to be ” you need to let go of my hand” and I couldn’t but then I just had to suck it up and do it. So I did they talked me through it. They were fantastic, I got off and Richard my PT was there, he gave me a hug and I bursed into tears.. I kept going I went around the wall knew I did not have the strength in me for that.. went over a pole and fell gracefully to the ground then to he pipe you had to lower your self down then crawl through it got pitch black then you had to climb out of there again.Richard climbed down and i used his back to help get me up. Then under a few poles and then along to where you went up and some some man made hills an through the window Richard once again assisted me by letting me use him as a stool and I climbed up I said ” I can’t do it” Richard said “yes you can” I went and wiped my hands and climbed through and then ran all the way back to the finishing line… Well that was an achievement and a half I did things that day that I thought I would never do or never be able to achieve I pushed my body to its limits not only physically but mentally. I now I know that I can do anything that I put my mind too. I was physically and mentally drained and I took a week to recover but it is one of the best things that I have ever done.. I need to say a huge thank you to Richard for being there for me.. and his mum also.. they were great supporters to me.. and my daughter and dad for coming out and seeing me go through the toughest thing ever in my life.

Been a while

HI all I have not forgotten live has just got very hectic, Have done tough guy girl, Manawatu Striders Half marathon, and have had assignments and sick kids to deal with… So I will be catching up on Posts that i need to be writing.

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