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So lately I have been eating the same things.. all healthy nutritional.. have had the odd bit of chocolate that is not within my new eating regime, but then I am only human and a life time of habits I am breaking. So I also have a budget but kept going over so I wondered what I could do to achieve a new way of making the most getting good flavours in my food. Really just making yummy tasting food.. Different food or same foods different taste or look.. So then I thought meal plan.. If I sit down once a week and plan what we are going to have in discussion with the children too, that is very important to get the kids involved and even maybe getting them to cook something also.

So I was looking at meal planners online my PT had shown me one on the Ipad (don’t have that luxury) but I found this one on the internet.. have found this to be quite a good site, there are many out there and is important to find one that suites you.. now you wonder how is this going to help me.

Well. I have found I am looking at recipes more, looking at different websites for new recipes, plus adding my old ones in. For this website I keep all my stuff private I am not into showing the world all my recipes, I am just doing the website for me to get a good handle on what we are buying. Now I do get my eggs from mum and some fruit. the odd vegetable from my dad and some from the garden.. I am now using a variety of foods and tastes. It is getting us to think outside the square more.  One great thing about this is when you print out your shopping list it tells you how many of each thing you need. So if you only need 1 medium carrot that is what is on your list so your are not buying a whole bag of them.. I usually spend $20 in the fruit and vegetable shop today I spent $7.99 so I am already seeing the benefits which meant when I went into the whole foods store i was able to buy not only the mixed nuts and mango dried but was also able to get the dried strawberries.. I am trying to keep my food bill near the $100 mark.. as this is what my budget says I know I have been blowing out so time to take a stand.. Also by doing a food plan I will get all I need for the week and thus means only going to the shop once a week, which will also mean I will be saving petrol and wear and tear on my car. I also only have to think once a week on what I am going to have for tea and if I decided to change nights I can as all the food is in the house. I can see this being beneficial for so many reasons.

Decided that I am eating healthy, I am working out, I am doing all the right things, I was feeling like something has been missing.. control, control on not portions sizes of what I eat but what I am buying… I would buy 7 tins of sardines a week and same for tuna i would buy 4 loaves of bread… now that I am planning my food better I am only buying what we actually need to live off.. I actually feel good that I have found the thing that has been bugging me and I am able to improve my life another step.

  • Meal Planners
  • Think outside the square
  • Good guidance for buying food
  • Roll on effect
  • Can save you money

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