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Stuck in a Rut

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So lately I have been eating the same things.. all healthy nutritional.. have had the odd bit of chocolate that is not within my new eating regime, but then I am only human and a life time of habits I am breaking. So I also have a budget but kept going over so I wondered what I could do to achieve a new way of making the most getting good flavours in my food. Really just making yummy tasting food.. Different food or same foods different taste or look.. So then I thought meal plan.. If I sit down once a week and plan what we are going to have in discussion with the children too, that is very important to get the kids involved and even maybe getting them to cook something also.

So I was looking at meal planners online my PT had shown me one on the Ipad (don’t have that luxury) but I found this one on the internet.. have found this to be quite a good site, there are many out there and is important to find one that suites you.. now you wonder how is this going to help me.

Well. I have found I am looking at recipes more, looking at different websites for new recipes, plus adding my old ones in. For this website I keep all my stuff private I am not into showing the world all my recipes, I am just doing the website for me to get a good handle on what we are buying. Now I do get my eggs from mum and some fruit. the odd vegetable from my dad and some from the garden.. I am now using a variety of foods and tastes. It is getting us to think outside the square more.  One great thing about this is when you print out your shopping list it tells you how many of each thing you need. So if you only need 1 medium carrot that is what is on your list so your are not buying a whole bag of them.. I usually spend $20 in the fruit and vegetable shop today I spent $7.99 so I am already seeing the benefits which meant when I went into the whole foods store i was able to buy not only the mixed nuts and mango dried but was also able to get the dried strawberries.. I am trying to keep my food bill near the $100 mark.. as this is what my budget says I know I have been blowing out so time to take a stand.. Also by doing a food plan I will get all I need for the week and thus means only going to the shop once a week, which will also mean I will be saving petrol and wear and tear on my car. I also only have to think once a week on what I am going to have for tea and if I decided to change nights I can as all the food is in the house. I can see this being beneficial for so many reasons.

Decided that I am eating healthy, I am working out, I am doing all the right things, I was feeling like something has been missing.. control, control on not portions sizes of what I eat but what I am buying… I would buy 7 tins of sardines a week and same for tuna i would buy 4 loaves of bread… now that I am planning my food better I am only buying what we actually need to live off.. I actually feel good that I have found the thing that has been bugging me and I am able to improve my life another step.

  • Meal Planners
  • Think outside the square
  • Good guidance for buying food
  • Roll on effect
  • Can save you money

Why Research

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In my blog all the way through I have emphasised the word RESEARCH,

I started this blog as a way to tell my story but also to help others. New ideas have come along and people talking to me and I get the “but why”… I have found that one can not take what people say I have to go and research it to find out why??

Researching has become my best tool for my new lifestyle..this gives me knowledge to move forward in a way that I see fit.

When researching you do need to make sure that you find good sites. Sites that are not backed by companies, and if they were way were they. You need to read many web sites to get the balance of what is being said. So that you can come to your own conclusions and make your own mind up about what is right for you and maybe your family. If i can not emphasis enough about how to start your new life style how to get started with fitness and about what food is good for you or what it is doing to you or even why you need certain foods… If you get nothing else from this blog but learning to research than I have achieved something. Please Research.. if you have a burning question or you want to know what a number on a package do then research. The more you are informed about what you are putting into your body the more you are informed about what companies do to trick us into buying their products the more you research about what is really happening out there the easier it is to make informed decisions. This is exactly why I research. You can not take any thing as face value especially when it comes to companies and them making money out of us..research ,research,  research. I have spent hours researching and I don’t expect you to. But if you do then you will find lots of information out there that is very eye-opening about what is truly happening. If you are on Facebook start looking for home-grown sites sustainable site, gardening, there are many people out there that are changing the way they see food I have many on my Facebook and am always getting new ideas. There are great websites out there that show what is truly happening out there. You will start to see patterns forming the more you look into what is happening out there.. Now I do have the passion for looking after my body and making sure I live till 100 +…. what about you …

  • Research
  • Get Informed
  • Don’t take things as face value.
  • Build your knowledge so you can have a healthier life style.

Edible Garden

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Sustainable living, growing your own food is part of this. I have a vegetable garden fruit trees, berry bushes, I have some flowers but use them for attracting wild life to my garden so native trees, and flowers to attract bees for pollination, I keep my garden simple, but fruitful. You can do it as easy or as complicated as you like.

So where do you start? how do you grow? where are the best planting areas? There are so many edible plants out there, bushes you can make into fences, ornamental fruit trees, pots for strawberry and herbs, if you look on the net you are bombarded with so many ideas.

I will put things in to nice easy steps for you..

First thing before you do anything is,

1: Write a list of foods you eat (no point growing things your not going to eat if you don’t buy them in the shop why would you grow them at home) unless they are expensive and you would eat them if they were cheaper

2. Now you have your list. read up on them

  • what weather conditions do they need,
  • what area of the garden
  • can they grow in pots
  • do you have room for trees,
  • do you have room for a vegetable garden. (explain soon how to)

 So now you have an idea of what you can grow, set out a plan of your garden. where the best places are for the plants. Draw a diagram doesn’t have to be flash but just so you can keep your idea and you can change things when new ideas come along. 

So now you have your list, you have your plan.. you have researched your plants you want to grow so you know what environment they like.. and what they require to grow and give you lots of fruit..easy really isn’t it just a bit of time to set up and a bit of time to grow..Well looked after plants will treat you right with fruits a neglected plant will neglect you..

Your now saying I don’t have room I live in an apartment.

Depending on your rules, do you have a balcony, is your window sills in the kitchen wide.

Think pots!  herbs are great for cooking and having them close to you is wonderful the aroma in your kitchen will be delightful.  On the balcony you can have pots might be a citrus tree a strawberry pot or any other berry bush planted in a pot. This is where you need to become adventurous.

Vegetable Gardens,

you can keep it simple and that is good idea till you get the hang of what you are doing..

many ways of making a vegetable gardens. This is how me and my father have done mine. but please look around and find a way that is going to suit you.

We measured out an area of the garden. we put knocked into the ground (not cemented) little posts .. put planks between.. and put bricks around then fill the center with compost. we use mushroom compost as this works well for growing vegetables.

I then made rows by hoeing some people use string or boards between for walking we just hoe.. couple of hours and i have a vegetable garden. I also use the garden opposite for my tomatoes in the summer when summer rolls around I will show my garden off. but for now the photo is of my vegetable garden so you can get an idea.

So your probably wondering what I have in my garden..

I have a herb garden with various herb that I like to cook with.

Fruit trees are, Plum, Apple, Mandarin, Lemon, Lime,

Berry bushes, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry

Vegetables. I grow all the ones I like cabbage, broccoli, Cauliflower, onions, garlic, tomato, courgette, capsicums, bok choy, cucumber, lettuce, just to name a few,

I still want to get Orange tree and  Pear tree, more strawberry plants some more herbs, keep the vegetable garden turning over produce. when I have the list of normal foods that we eat.. I will then start to look at other fruit trees and berry bushes,

Stores.. where do you get your stuff from..

We have several places I can get my plants from but you want to find one that has good service. I go to one that I can get three punnets of 6 plants in each for $10. they also give good service. They are always ready to help with advice. I can go to a big store that has a garden section but have they employed someone that actually knows what they are talking about and when you are learning this becomes a vital part of your gardening. I can get the stuff I want from a cheaper place but I would rather go somewhere and get good service and knowledge to go with. So go to many stores. I tried all stores where I lived and worked out the best place to go. I actually drive to the other side of town to go to the store, 

Also look for good places to get your compost bark etc just like your garden shop. You are going to be growing food for your family so you want the best to go into your garden so you can have the best going on your table.

Composting.. grass clippings, food scraps not meat though, I put in egg cartoons or news paper sometimes helps with moisture content I find tree clippings etc. but make sure the weeds that you don’t want to come back go in the rubbish don’t want them in your compost. There are many different kinds of bins out there it is a matter of looking to see which one is going to suit your needs. Some cities will with the rubbish/ recycle collection have a compost pick up… It is not just about composting it is also about keeping it out of land fills. If you can not have a compost and you have a compost pick up service use it keep it out of your rubbish bags, I used to have a compost but now I have a bin and take it to my fathers where we combine and we use the compost for his house and mine.

The Edible Garden is only limited to what you are willing to do. What time and energy you want to put in. The start up cost can be high but once it is in it is only then maintaining. Also. Pellets find wood pellets they are great for lots of things. usually free but gives you wood for making things and even surrounds of your vegetable garden.

Happy Gardening folks..


Hitting a wall/ time out

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There comes a time in your life where you think, what am I doing?, where am I truly going?, what do I really want to achieve?, I am so over this, I am bored, well we all come to cross roads it is part of life. We do things until we get bored or we find something else to do.

This week has been hard for me, assignment due in, committee issues, weather caving in, personal trainer was ill, baby sitter was ill could not get to the 10km walk with the Striders winter series. I felt doom and gloom all around me.

I started to have doubts on what I was actually wanting to achieve, was it great fitness, or just being fit, why was i having so many issues, I have gone hard out for so long, I had hit my brick wall.  You get that when you are at work your working long hours and something gives,, you get snappy at colleagues, and you just need time out. That is what has happened to me. But with my busy home life.

In life it is important to take stock.. someone once said to me “life is like a train journey, you are going along then you have two tracks you need to decide which one to take then your journey continues till you get the next split in the tracks and how it is important to get of the train every now an then and smell the flowers..

For me the last nearly week it has shown me it is time to step down from the train and take stock.. smell the flowers and refresh my self for the next leg of the journey..

I have done this by

A) getting my house really clean

B) going for a two hour hike with the children instead of doing my 10km walk.. I felt this was way more important than me going off and doing something by myself..

C) doing baking..

Back to doing stuff with my children.. I played a board game with my son. it was the biggest special moment in a long time with him it was something different. Iit was pleasurable and it had nothing to do with superheroes.

Going on the hike with the children got me thinking about how much I missed when I had post natal depression and then depression on top.. I have missed a lot of their growing up. I know I was there but it was like going from one day to the next just getting through the days. Trying to work out what my son needed how I can help him to achieve cause of his autism, going through a separation. I have and I will be honest here neglected my kids.. not of food or clothing or shelter or activities.. but my time and my love.. this has really come through now that I can really see where I am at..

So where to from here.. the new track has come upon me..

Do I keep doing what I am doing,

Or do I go down the new path.. well this is the new path…. continue the new wonderful lifestyle of eating healthy because we are all feeling the benefits of it. We all continue going to the gym, and I have decided to put my walking on hold. I will still do half marathons but only certain ones. I wont be going to training walks. But will go walk on treadmill instead so I can take my daughter to her activity she goes to. In life it is about compromise and this part of my journey is just that compromise. How can we all do what we want and still have the time to spend together. I have achieved this. I am wanting to spend more time with my children. Yes I home school them and I spend time with them. But there is spending time and really spending time doing things that we will remember when we grow old. That to me is important.

It is hard when you hit a brick wall to be able to stay focused. My study I have hit a brick wall and it is grating me. I am doing it but just like when I was depressed I am doing it cause I know I have to not cause I feel good about it. I know if I don’t I wont get my certificate. In life brick walls hit us from many directions.

Stop:  What is actually your brick wall? Why have you come to a stand still?

Think: About your stop.. What has happened?

Analyse: Why has it happened? has it come to and end  or just a different path? What can you do to change this? Do you need a new path or just rearrange what is already happening.

Move on: Now you know what your brick wall is, you know why it has happened, what you can do differently it is now time to move forward on your next journey of life

  • Hitting your brick wall.
  • Working out how you can achieve
  • Train… journey
  • Compromise.
  • Stop Think Analyse Move on.
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