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Feilding to Palmerston North

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                                                         Feilding to Palmerston North

Top pic: I am nearly home

Middle pic: Nearly at Bunnythorpe

Third pic: Just taking off. Not quite 22km’s I am walking,

Saturday I am up ready to go I have done all I can for now and with being stretched down at the gym over the week my body is balanced and rearing to go.

I register, do a warm up, fix my shoes, and they call for us to get ready,  He calls one minute to go, we all chatting and waiting to go, I am thinking what am I doing. Well to late to change my mind now only way to get back to Palmy is to walk. He calls out and we are off,  I am walking with some other ladies from Manawatu Striders and I keep good pace with them. When we get to Taonui there is a water stop and everyone makes sure we all take on water.  I have split the walk into sections in my head so it is easier to cope with. Feilding to Bunnythorpe the back roads, town section, river section then last the home straight. I am getting closer to Bunnythorpe I am doing well my lace is bugging me I stop and fix it. I then power walk to catch up to the other woman. I am doing well I can see Bunnythorpe so I know that the first section is nearly clear. My father has my children and he safely drives a head so that the children can see me walking. We get in to Bunnethorpe where there is another drinks station we load on water. I am still doing ok and the ladies ask me how I am going.  We are now into stage two the back roads this means hills. I said to the ladies don’t wait for me as hills and I don’t get on well. We come to the first hill and they gave me some tips on how to be handle them one also gave me a slow release energy tab to assist me. I did my best two of the ladies start getting further a head of me and I thought if I could just keep up with the other lady. But some of them hills are really slow me down ones. I come out of there feeling a bit down that I had not done very well. The lady I was keeping an eye on was getting away from me. Also at the same time my right leg was starting to hurt and psychologically I felt like giving up. I stopped and stretched my leg but it was my hip I thought I had damaged it. So I sucked it up and I kept going. I motored I saw the lady down the hill and I just kept going. The town stage went quickly cause I was trying to catch up to the woman. Got to the country road that takes us on to the river bank. Which is great now they have tarsealed it so it is smooth walking. I come round the corner and here is the lady on the other side of the bank. She calls out “your doing well” and hurry up. By now my leg was in pain my hip was killing me but I just had to keep sucking it up. I walked faster when I saw her but the pain was getting bad with 3-4km to go I had to stop again and stretch my leg. I sucked it up again and I kept walking. I came over the river bank and the lady guiding you which way to go was really chirpy she was saying “great smiles”  “your doing well” Mine was not a smile as I was cringing with pain. I got passed her and I nearly burst into tears. I could not breath I was hyperventilating. So I told myself not far sorted myself out as I was walking people that I had passed were passing me and this also made me feel bad. I was now walking quite slow and limping. I get on to the home straight and dad was the he jokingly says what took you so long I explain I am in pain. I kept going and I over hear a lady say to another lady she was walking with I have to go as I want to get home in under 3 hours I was thinking but so do I. I thought bugger the pain stuff it suck it up girl and get over the line worry about anything else later so off i went. I went under the line and I burst into tears and the pain from my leg was unbearable. I was hyperventilating. The three woman I had been walking with were waiting for me and took me to one side and calmed me down. Got me water chocolate and got me sorted. I am very grateful to these woman for being there for me. When I calmed down I went and got me a banana and checked the spot prizes I won I got a walking magazine and bottle of water.  It was also mothers day and the pharmacy that supports Manawatu Striders was giving people flowers with a voucher on it. I chatted with some people and left I walked back down the road where dad was parked and went home. I crashed I felt sick I felt like I wanted to sleep. I laid down only for a few minutes then I got up and had a shower. I stretched my legs but felt like it was not doing much. I went to PT the next day and Richard rolled my legs out with a foam roller it was shear pain but a sense of relief. I was able to walk on my leg at the end of the day. We spent the next week getting my legs rebalanced.

So as you can see you can be fit but you really need to be in a good head space or to know that you have the courage in you that when times are hard ie in really bad pain your able to keep going. ( if you know you have twisted something then or done some major damage than please stop don’t keep going I knew, I knew I had not done significant damage and I knew I could keep going. Learn to listen to your body.


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