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The Word “Diet”

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Once it meant the diet of the person what the person was eating.. now the word diet you think of WW Jenny Craig..etc,

It got me thinking as I was reading an article on Diet food. why don’t we say ‘healthy food’ sounds much better we all know that a diet has a start and an end, so we have to think if they are saying diet food, does that mean we will eat it when we are dieting.. I would rather see people leave out the word diet and say healthy life style or healthy eating. These to do not have a start and an end. (well at the moment) for seen companies have assisted in changing the way we use the word diet.

I feel people should be writing Healthy food or in season foods. natural foods are healthy and all foods if eaten in moderation means you can still lose weight,(prefer if we could all cut out the junk food but even I give in to temptation every now and then) I am only human.

I still eat all the meals I used to cook I just found healthier ways of doing so.

So what does the word diet mean to you? how do you per sieve the word. What sort of mind set do you need to be in to get past the word diet. What are you looking for? a short term goal or a long term goal.

When you start thinking and changing your mind set healthy food.. instead of the D word. then you have just had a big breakthrough you now know if you eat healthy for as long as you feel the need to (hopefully for the rest of your life, your body will love you for it)  it is then you are in control. You know what is right and wrong you know that what you are doing is part of a healthy life style

Took me a while actually a really long time for me to realise that you don’t need a diet. You need to research and learn to eat healthy and why we need to, This way you will give yourself power and determination so see that eating healthy does not only give you a wonderful body on the outside it gives your inside of the body a reason to keep going strong for a really long time.

  • Meaning of the word diet as we see it now
  • Changing mindset from diet food to saying healthy food or in season food
  • Where all human
  • Breaking the mind set
  • Research give your body a reason to keep going strong

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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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  3. I realized more new stuff on this weight reduction issue. A single issue is that good nutrition is very vital while dieting. A tremendous reduction in junk food, sugary foodstuff, fried foods, sweet foods, beef, and white flour products may be necessary. Possessing wastes unwanted organisms, and wastes may prevent aims for fat-loss. While specified drugs momentarily solve the matter, the bad side effects are not worth it, and they never provide more than a non permanent solution. It can be a known idea that 95% of fad diet plans fail. Thank you for sharing your notions on this blog site.

    • Hi Cristopher,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog.. I do not really like the word diet is brings up a start and an end so all the things you have mentioned about having to give up whilst your on your diet can go for total failure. there are two ways I look at losing weight,, there are the people who follow diets then there there the other people that have decided enough is enough and have taken back their lives and have done what I have done to realise what is in their food to learn to live a whole new way for the rest of their lives. Some people do very well at diets and can last a long time on them..and give you a good starting point for your new life style and losing weight is a life style as you are changing your food and they way you prepare cook buy from or even now grow. Some people even start socialising around new people that fit in with their new eating regime. It is how the person that is wanting to lose weight perceives what they are wanting to achieve. Until people don’t just take one persons way but really researches what is best for them then there will always be fad diets..


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