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Fad Diet’s and habits

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Wouldn’t it be great to go to the shop and find that pill or potion that is going to give your body all the nutrients it needs to function properly and still lose weight and to feel full all the time.

When I think of all the times I have done a fad diet, I look back and think now how much damage was I doing to my body,

From: high protein, no carb, only egg whitesas main part, from pills to make my thermo go higher, to pills and drinks to make me feel fuller so I would not eat so much.

I look back now thinking what was I doing, We need so much nutritional food a day to keep our bodies running right. Then add on the fact that we are now working out which means we need to be fueling it even better to be able to get the best out of the work out, If you are starving yourself having less than the 1200 your working out hard eventually your body is going to give in and you will get ill. Your body will go in to starvation mode so that when you do eat your body will actually hold on to the food cause it will be worried when the next time it will be fed. If you eat and have a healthy life style or you are proceeding in the right direction. You don’t need to starve your self or go an a fad diet, Sustainability is what you are looking for, When you first start to redo what your are eating. You will lose weight but remember that a lot of that to start off with will be water. If you are doing a fad diet you also have to remember that you will lose muscle and we really do not want that, we want your muscle so that when we work out with weights you will get the nice toned look.

Have a good think about what you really want from your eating habits?

Do you want to starve your body

Do you want to feel lethargic

Not get good results from working out.

I know what I want, I want to get food, I want to have energy and I want to have good workouts.

YOU too can have this. Put down that chemical concoction that is putting your body out of balance, and start listening to what your body wants.

Example: Craving sugar, grabs natures sugar, Fruit apples oranges, etc,

When you think your hungry when did you last it if it was only 20 mins ago and you had lunch.. when did you last drink .. you could be thirsty. or have you upped your work out and your body gone into over drive and your needing to eat more food that is fine to your body is asking for food. Being in tune with what you are wanting and being able to listen to your body on what it wants is a very good step to be at.

The next step is the hardest.

Habits.. So for the last 20 years you have had pies on a Monday. Fish and chips on Friday, You get chips and dip for Saturday night, Hey humans love habit we really do not like change at all. So what can’t just drop food. or a habit. we have done it for so long. The key here is replacement or diversion, For starters look to see what your habits are make a list pros and cons. see which habits are doing your health the most damage. Now you know what is doing your healthy damage. The next step is to work out what you can replace it with. Find items even sit down and work a meal planner for the week putting in all the healthy replacements you possibly can. Now you have a shopping list if you don’t have it in the house you can not eat it. Most of your food on your list from your changing habits list will be from the round the outside of the supermarket. vege fruit nuts bread meat dairy, there will be things like cereal/ porridge peanut butter and a few other items form the inside but not the junk food cause that is not on the list.

Sounds easy aye.. it is hard to change and it does take time but you are heading in the right steps by just reading this blog and getting the exercise.

Have Faith in your self believe you can do it your worth it

  • Miracle weight loss potion. (don’t exist)
  • Fad diets what they do to you
  • Listen to your body
  • Changing habits

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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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    • I am glad to read that you are finding my site as a helpful tool, This is the idea of this site not only to give my story but also to show people my thoughts and findings, as I have gone through my journey, I will continue to post what I am finding, As items arise or I have achieved or done something worth posting.


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