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That is a good question, we think healthy we have to change our food.. besides the junk food I eat some new things but I still eat a lot of what I have been eating. Portion control and taking your favourite recipe and seeing how you can make it healthier..I am not going to give you a food plan I know what I like and what you like will differ in some ways.. what I am going to do is give you a list of foods that I make, for my children and I. It is to give you an idea to help you think out side the square a bit. So I am not going to say breakfast lunch etc.. as I want you to use your imagination. What I will do though is give you my favourite website I often use to find recipes.

My Food,

Homemade Soups, Fish pie,Totillas, Kumura chips(sweet potato chips), Porridge, Toast ,Butter, Nuts, all sorts, Seeds, all sorts, Fruit, Vegetables, Ham, Organic meat, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Raw Milk, Eggs, Green Tea, Yoghurt,

These make up the main of my eating,

Porridge, I add 1T flax seed, raw milk, about 1tsp raw/comb honey

Tortillas, I make myself and add what ever organic meat I have with veges, sometimes cooked veges like yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, sour cream, or salsa I also do a summer one with tomatos lettuce, etc

Pita bread. whole meal, we use these for soups, we also stuff with cottage cheese spinach and chicken,

Soups, homemade is really good and really easy to make, This way you can watch the stock/salt intake, There are millions of soups out there go and find the ones you like.

Poached eggs, just love poached eggs, scrambled eggs, just make sure you dont over cook them as the yellow needs to be bit runny so you want soft scrambled eggs. omletes add veges to it.. or do a frittata,

Stir fry veges think outside the square investigate your fruit and vege shop. try new veges,use with and or without meat, also with or with out noodles.

Cous Cous… hot water or low salt stock and some veges yummy,,

Tinned tuna, endless ideas on pita in tortilla. on salad, as main meat for tea,

I love tinned sardines, i can just eat them, or on toast, in pita, bread,

I make my own pasta i make 50/50 white and whole meal.. comes out a lighter pasta and does not bloat me,

I make spaghetti Bolognaise with homemade pasta sauce organic mince,

Fish I steam add some salsa to it.

So these are just a few idea. Have a look at what you already make and see what you can add or take out …

Fish pie,  white sauce, boiled egg, steamed fish, veges, mashed kumura with poppy seeds on top or seseme seeds or crushed peanuts etc..

Use your imagination.. you have formed habits so replacing them instead of stopping them is important.

oh and lasagne.. I love lasagne.. 😉 ..

Chocolate I hear you say.. yummy… I now eat 72% dark chocolate, which means I have a couple of pieces and I have had enough,

You will find over time your taste buds will change.. I know mine have..


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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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