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This is one area you do need to learn to read, if you have not started this would be a good time. I am going to explain it the best I can with out getting too technical.

First thing is you need to know how many calories a day you need.. you can also work out how much good fat you need salt.. anything that is on a label find out how much you need a day.. now as in previous posts don’t get obsessed with numbers use them more as a guide.

First thing you want to know is, are you eating something natural or something that looks like a NASA science experiment. You can find this under the ingredients list, The first item on the list shows the ingredients that is in the product. So a bag of pasta it will have wheat of or flour water salt etc, the list continues to the product that has the least ingredient.  So when you are looking at ingredients you want to know that the main product you are eating is at the beginning. Also some products have numbers and be aware and get clued on what the different names of sugar some products may list 3-4 different types of sugar. Those foods you really want to stay way from. So really read your ingredients list. If you are not sure of a product that you are eating go and research it. Do you really want to be putting something into your body that you don’t know what it is.

Serving size: This tells you how many grams or pieces you should have in a portion. That was nice and simple wasn’t it.

Serving per packet: This is even more simpler this tell you how many portions you will get out of your packet.. so if you buy a packet of something, it will say how many portions. Now this is the great thing you can now work out how many meals you can get out of this one packet. Before where you would just sit and eat the whole packet and cost groceries were through roof now you have portion control food will start to last a lot longer.

Calories/ kilojoules they mean the same thing.. just in a different measurement like grams to pounds or kilometers to miles. So this is important if you are eating 2000 calories per day and you find a product that says 250cal ie chocolate bar that is taken off the 2000 so then you left with 1750 calories for the rest of the day. Lets say your getting clued up on all of this and you realise that an apple is about 60cals that means you can have 4.1 apples a day v’s the 1 chocolate bar. so now you have 4 snacks for the same calories instead of the one snack So you can see how important it is to see what the calories are in products, over time you will be able to look at a product and not even have to look at the label and know if your eating regime can fit higher calorie foods in it or not. I eat lots of smaller calorie food during the day.. so I get to eat lots..

Fats good fats and bad fats get to know your fats and know that your body needs some fats to work properly. In the fat section it gets broken down to a few types of fats.. please go and read this website this is very informative and please go and look at other sites to.

Cholesterol: please have a look at this website and please research more your self

Sodium: is a preservative so is found in many products on the shelves. So reading the labels is important. Start comparing food start knowing that processed food will have salt in it including bread. So find products with the less salt. Find out how much salt you actually need and remember don’t get obsessed just remember this is so you can get clued up on what you are putting into your body. You will notice how quickly your salt intake runs out for the day if you are having a lot of processed foods.

Total Carbohydrates is the next on the list it gets broken down into the whole amount fibre and sugar. The sugar needs to be low here as it spikes your insulin. Gives you the sugar rushes we want our bodies not to have the spikes but to keep at a good balance. High fiber is also good as this helps our bodies maintain good functions. We want to get high fiber soul able carbohydrates into us.

Protein: this is important for losing weight, after workouts for muscle regrowth. so look for high protein products especially if you are going crazy with the weights.


Look at the product and see if it is natural or added where possible have it natural your body will like you better for it.

Fat free, we see it every where. The more I look into this the more I do not like this term. We are “eating healthy” but we are still not able to lose the weight. Experts are now looking at fat free in a different light and are now starting to thing that this is one reason why we can not lose the weight.. Also if you look at a product that says fat free go and have a look at the sugar under carbohydrates I bet they are quite high. In life if you take something out you usually have to replace it. So they are replacing fat with sugar. The one man made product that is highly addictive. Experts recon it is as addictive as heroin.

This is where I want you to go to your cupboard get out a tin of something a package of something and read the label. See how much salt, calories, or any of the above you have just read about. See what products have the most and have less.

You will find that the more natural the product the less it looks like a NASA science experiment. I know what food I would rather be eating.

  • Read your labels
  • Get clued up on what you are putting into your body.

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