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There are two sides to every story. I want to lose weight. Well eating the right food is the main factor, but getting fit is also going to help you they go hand in hand really. People can lose weight on just the eating side and people can lose weight by doing work outs. But there comes a point where you do need to be doing both.

Now woman.. don’t be afraid to pick up a weight. they wont bite you and make you into this big buffed woman we do not have testosterone like males do.. But then saying that not all men beef up either.. all depends on your genetics and what you are eating.

So cardio.. what is cardio, bike, treadmill, aerobics comes to mind.. but i will tell you a secret I have learned in the last year.. doing weights is a form of cardio also. When you start weights you will soon understand..

Now most people start the healthy eating bit I was the other way around I did the gym thing first. But lets say you are a typical person that thinks I need to lose weight so the first thing you think about is food. But let me tell you… get into the gym at the same time as you are planning your food don’t wait. If you are really big and you lose a lot of weight you can end up with the over hang etc.. if you are sensible and lose your weight slow and you tone up at the same time you have a much greater chance of not having that horrible flab that some people get.

When I first started going to the gym i was going twice a week and for 20 mins and I felt like I was going to die.. but I kept going I then got up to doing 3 days Monday Wednesday Friday. I was doing 2 days cardio one day weights. I started of with 5kg.. now I go 5 days a week and I do 3 day weights and 2 days cardio. only equipment i use is bike and treadmill on cardio day. dumbbells swissball ropes that hang from the ceiling..

Before I got into the gym I was walking I still do this and I walk half marathons. that is my main reason for getting fit.

When we start out our aim is to get fit get healthy but when the buzz starts to wear off that is where your down fall begins. You have to keep it exciting.You have to remember why you are doing this. If you need motivation find a goal find events that are out there. Now this is important you have to enjoy your self if it turns into a chore your will eventually quite.. If you like the outdoors get out walking, bush walks, look into hiking (make sure your equipped to go out). If you like biking or you may like doing lengths in the pool. Then do it.. give your self targets for each training so you are improving your may only do 5 laps in the pool then aim for 10. you might only do 5km on the bike then aim for 10km. You might aim for minutes etc. It is your workout you are only going to get out of it what you put in.  Now having a bigger picture might help. Like me for walking half marathons that is my bigger picture. Now I am in no way telling you to go out there and train for a marathon, but then hey that is totally up to you.. but look for events that you can put your fun activity too.. you might like to do a triathlon or part triathlon you might like walking so find a walking group near you look for events most half marathons or marathons also have a 5km or 10km part to them. But the idea is keep it fun.

Now gyms I go to a gym that is in a shed it is small it suits my personality well. I do not like over crowded places. I went the other night cause I could not go for my training walk and by the time I had finished there were many clients there. I knew that what I had set up for me is right where it is just me and my children. Also if you are going to a gym are you going to be just another person on their books. You really need to work out what you are searching for. Do you need a motivator, someone to guide you. I know I would become just a number, where I go I know I am a priority when I go there, we have serious work outs, but we can also have a laugh and a chat about life and all that is going on. He has become a friend. Now I know that is not for everybody but this is what I am getting at we all need to find what is going to work for us and yes there will be trial and errors.

Working out at home.. This is where a lot of us start and it is a good starting point. I thought I was fit when I was doing my Turbo Jam.. I love Turbo Jam, it got me fit, I would go walking, I have done star jumps 30sec jump 10sec marching. I have tried but could not complete the couch to 5km brilliant site if you are wanting to take up running. We have all been there, we are no longer sluggish we are fitter that what we were before. But their comes a time in your life are you happy with being just fit.. or do you want to be fitter… I personally did not know i could get fitter I was keeping up with Turbo Jam that was enough for me I thought I was truly fit ..still a great starting point.. these days it is Jillian Micheal’s 30 day shred or Zumba.. So there are DVDs out there to get you started if you want to lose some lbs before hitting a gym.

When I got to the gym I could not believe how unfit I was, I thought I was much fitter. So I had this false idea of me and my fitness. I have said for a long time that I have no upper body strength.. But I carried children and groceries and washing baskets and many other things so I had upper body strength what it is, is that i could not do a push up or pull ups.. etc so to me I was weak. When really it took me about 6 months and I have gone from doing push ups on my knees pathetically I might add to full push ups.. We all have it in us we just have to have faith in ourselves and not underestimate what we truly can do. 35 years I have said I can not run, I can.. I even told my daughter that she is like me and wont be a good runner.. well she gets on that treadmill and she can out run me.. she can nearly do a full pull up, her swimming has improved her gymnastics has improved and her self esteem has improved.. now I telling you this cause what you are doing to your self your probably doing to your family.. So get them involved too. Go for walks as a family get out and kick the ball etc.. If you have good supportive people around you that is great, if you don’t find people you want to be like. Your more likely to succeed. Find your cheer leaders this is important to succeeding in life.

Plateau not peoples favourite word. To me it means and this is my translation of the word. Your body/mind needs to catch up with that is happening.. and give it time and you will move on again. bit like stopping to smell the flowers. You can help this by doing a week of hard out work outs, changing your diet a bit. Doing different work outs. It is a bit like a child you do the same thing over and over and they will get bored and you have to get your body excited again..  Depending on how stubborn your body is will depend on how fast you will move on. Please remember though as you get trimmer and fitter you wont be losing big amounts.

Being in tune with your body.. I have become so in tune I know what is sore, when I am bloated. what parts are losing weight. I do not lose weight fast now. I am coming of here and there and in spots we do not measure this is why I listen to my clothes. When you are working out not only do you start to notice things. I have a few spots like sitting at 90degrees and putting my hand in behind my knee and not touching my calf and thigh.. putting your arm out straight and being able to put your fingers under that fat from your triceps area. Being aware of your body is really important more important than the scales and tape measure. If you can see where your body is changing your on the right track to keep up with it mentally.. Remember for a long time we have looked in the mirror and seen the fat person. We have to give out brains time to catch up on how we now look. By being in good understanding of our bodies is really important.. this goes for working out in the gym.. so why do you do certain exercises what muscles are they using.. what is the benefit of doing that work out. You need an all over body work outs and better to work your upper and lower at the same time. You get a really good body work out but your pushing muscles and your evening out the weigh loss.. you don’t want to just work arms or just legs. you wont get the full benefit your looking for.. it might be snatch and grab with a dumbbell.. well that is shoulders arms tummy and legs which in turn is going to give us good strong core, and able to move more freely, stronger legs for walking, good balance, working both parts of your body will mean you get your heart rate faster and sweating more quickly, when you work out your muscle tear but don’t worry what will happen is that your muscles use calories to repair it. So not only have you used calories during your work out,  it is also using them up to a few days later repairing themselves.  this is what I mean it is one thing to go to the gym and do a work out but get in touch with what it is actually doing for you. Also if you sit there and do 100 sit ups does not mean you will lose the fat off your tummy or do bicep curls it will help the muscle in that area is being worked but the calories are going to come from where ever your body wants it to.

One important thing you will learn over time is that you don’t have to work for hours upon hours day after day. Rest days are really important so that you are able to let your body come to terms with what you are doing and that your body has time to repair itself. Also for you to reflect on what your body can do now or what it looks like.. every now and then for some reason I have had to take a week off which I don’t like doing but it is really good for us, i can now get back into the gym after week off feeling refreshed and able to work out hard. You have to let your body catch up with what is happening.

When you are working out, please where comfortable clothes it is not about the latest fashion. It is about being sensible and wearing clothes and foot wear that is suited to your fitness routine that you are participating in. Woman please make sure you keep the ladies well supported, get your self down to the local store that has an experienced woman that knows what she is talking about. I have found one in my town and I am going to endorse her. She is a lady that works in Farmers in my home town. I went from chaffing to being red raw, I went in she explained to me about my posture and how I was ill fitted. She put me in a bra that fits well and I have never chaffed again. So please ladies wear appropriate  clothing.

  • Work out for when you starting eating healthier
  • Woman pick up the weights you will tone and look fab faster
  • Weights is cardio
  • Find a gym and fitness routine that suites your personality style
  • Get the family involved
  • Working out at home is a good starting point. But aim for higher.
  • We all plateau make amends for your body to move forward
  • Get in tune with our body it can tell you lots
  • Work your whole body.
  • Have rest days.

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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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