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This is my journey.. I want to share it and I hope I inspire just one person..I hope I inspire more.

Eat sweets by the bag full, ring my father I left lunch at home, not really I just wanted junk food and new, pies and custard square would arrive at school for me, lunch box at primary school always full to the brim, K mart I loved when you had those containers I could fill my own with the lollies I wanted and sit down and eat a whole container full, they are not little containers, over cooked veges were the norm growing up, eat everything off your plate, always remember buying lots of lollies and other types of junk food from the tuck shop,  didn’t play sport, did not like team stuff. I sat at home wondering what life was all about, eating was a great comfort, loved my yoghurt and cheese sweets.. actually i could eat anything, there was always cream buns or something sweet after the evening meal. Now don’t get me wrong the biggest I got in my life was a size 18 -20 eg, my size 18’s were really tight but did not want to get into a 20. I was never huge like some people get. But psychologically it can play a huge part in your life ,how you perceive your self is the main one. So all my life I have felt I was big way bigger than i was. Being tall doesn’t help either that just adds a whole new dimension into the picture. So here i was growing up feeling huge social out cast I did not get life anyway but to be called fat and all other sorts of names wore me down. I did not know about eating right i just new about eating you eat to live or live to eat, had not worked that out yet either. So I was over weight lazy kid. swimming when i was at primary and mum tried me at gymnastics. Only sport i played was the discuss at high school. So growing up in a middle class house with middle class parents doing the best that the could. So.when I was older I did try aerobics at home on video and i enjoyed it but as always i gave up that was in my late teens. Secretly I always wanted to do something like gymnastics but my vertigo and lack of self esteem got in my way.
 This is my starting point..
  • Bad ideas about food
  • Bad image of myself.
  • We can only do what we can with the knowledge at the time.

About Ali's World

I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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