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I have gone from the Good Year depressed bottom of the bottle to a well balanced human being ..(work still in progress)..
I have over come psychological depression separation and eating so much till i feel ill to just coping from day today..
I now eat organic meat, raw milk, flax seed (please use this add to porridge or cereals) fruit and veges seed and nuts whole wheat and whole grain breads..
I am constantly learning researching.. learning what veges have in them what health benefits they have, make sure you know what is in your food before it goes in your mouth.. are you eating tar, pesticides, chlorine,
Research Research and get your life back folks I have done it any one can….
Make your self knowledgeable our bodies are our temples treat them like one.
P.S I am walking Half Marathons again.. I am doing a challenge in July called 
I am using 10kg -12.5kg..weights, when I said earlier that I thought i was fit.. Now I am fit..35 years of saying I can not run I am running.. I am lifting weights I thought I never could, I am doing full push ups for the first time in my life.. Now I am truly fit and I know I can get even fitter and stronger .. Healthy eating good frame of mind throw the scales out listen to your clothing get in tune with your body…. and relax folks keep it simple.. you got a burning question research it.. don’t take media as face value.. if the media say something get on line and research it….
well that is me so far.. I am going to continue blogging and I know that I have more of a journey a head of me.. and will let you all know how i am getting on.. 🙂
  • This has taken me years to get to this point in my life. It does not come over night.. it took you years to condition yourself to be where you are so please remember it is a life journey not a quick fix

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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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