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7 You will never believe it..

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7 You will never believe it..

I had to do the research to find out .. you can eat the whole egg go and have a look go and research. Here are a couple of links but do go and find more if your not convinced.
So I started of drinking  2-4 red bulls a day then down to coke then diet coke then water now water and green tea…green tea is amazing stuff if you have not started drinking it. Best you go and buy yourself some.
That is what I have achieved in just over a year.
5 take away nights to 1-2 times a month.. do you know you can have BK then KFC then fish and chips then McDonald’s then pizza in a week.. (feeling sick now)..
Our bodies are our temple and I want to be that 95 year old back packer.. what do you want to be when you are 95 ??….
So working out is one thing, but you need to be eating the right food, for most of the year I was still eating chips and lollies and chocolate.. I had the mentality of “that is fine I am working out I am going to burn off”
rule 1: It is good to have food come off slowly… stops all that flabby stuff happening..DON’T STARVE YOUR SELF
My fitness started to get up but I could not see my weight changing at all. The scales did the tape measure did but I couldn’t
Rule 2: It takes time for your mind to catch up with what is happening..
There comes a point in your life where you say… your doing all this work why are feeding it garbage ..
my saying i have is “why would you put the wrong gas in your car if you want it to work properly, you need the right fuel into your car if you want top performance out of it. So treat your body like a car, the right fuel optimum performance.
So now I am cutting back the junk food and eating more healthy.. now I have been doing lots of research over the last year it has got more in depth as time goes on… Healthy what does that mean any more..
I eat around the supermarket I grow my own veges..I make home made food.. I stay a way from numbers preservatives and anything else that and I quote Jamie Oliver … “Anything that looks like a NASA science experiment stays on the shelf”.. I make my own pasta.. and your all thinking wow she eats so healthy…. well when I was eating like this I was still having the odd bit of garbage. Friday fortnight my kids go to their dads for the night this is where my big down fall was i was in my bad zone I would still get take aways, chips dip, chocolate and fizzy.. hey I needed one day off didn’t.. as time went on I started cutting back on my Friday night splurge,  also my tummy got smaller so I could not fit in as much in with out feel ill,
So here i am saying 80% healthy 20% junk food,  thinks this is a great ratio means I still get to have my junk food..
In reality it was more like 60% healthy and 40% junk.. now getting back to healthy eating, eat around a supermarket….to start off with I was eating around the outside of a supermarket, till I looked a bit deeper,
oh dear.. produce when was it cut where did it come from how long has it been on the shelf?
Milk that is pasteurized and has lost all its good enzymes..
Margarine that well um would rather have butter any day thanks..
Bread please go for the high fiber stuff even better make your own..
Meat: Well grass fed is good so that is a good start if grain feed try and stay away from..
Rule 3.. Go to your local farmers market or fruit and vege shop, buy organic meat, look for a place you can get raw milk..
So you are now thinking but it is expensive..well of course if you are still buying chips and other types of junk food, and having the same portion control as what you were having when you started.. I buy 100grams of meat per portions sometimes it is over.. but always near the 100gram mark..
Research.. I was eating egg whites throwing out the yolks.. and I wanted to know why we do this,, after researching and finding out I now eat the whole egg..
I researched
Raw milk:
Fructose corn syrup,: Google it, you will be amazed at what it comes up with i could not just put one link here.
Soy: This is just one of many websites I found
just to name a few,
Now when I research things I wont go near the diet sites as they are trying to sell you their products I research deeper Harvard and other universities independent sites organic healthy living everything but diet sites.. site by Dr’s and of different back grounds in the profession, and I look at the dates when was the paper written did they have backing from businesses etc to fund the research..
Ok now my take on diets.. what do they all have a start and an end.. that’s right so we are all the Good Year Blimp we go on a diet a quick fix long term fix well till the diet has finished is there maintenance do they continue support for the rest of your life will you have to pay for it for the rest of your life..when you come off it the chance of becoming the Good Year Blimp is high, I don’t want that.
Well heck no…. if your grandmother doesn’t recognise the food don’t eat it. What you are looking for is a long term change that is going to last your right till you are 99+ you want to be that fit healthy back packer seeing the sites in your retirement.  Then make a way of doing so you don’t need any one to tell you what you already know.. eat your fruit and veges,  organic if you can, if not farmers market.. go back to basics.. read products stay away from NASA science experiment.. the one thing here is that you truly need to want to live to your 99+ and be that backpacker marathon runner or what ever it is that is inspiring you to be a healthy active person. I personally don’t want cancer, or liver disease or any other sort of disease you get from eating chemically made or any other type of food that has been tampered with.. I have chosen that a retirement home is not for me but I will be living  a long prosperous life..
So what got me to change i watched a doco on the internet about natural eating. This got me thinking especially the part about where they said that sugar is just as addictive as heroin.. I could not believe it I watched it as they explained it. I was horrified and then to realise the process it went through to get to being sugar and what sugar was in. That was the start of me truly finding out what goes into our food this was what i need to really kick start me into eating truly healthy. Got me thinking about organics and where our food comes from. What I was truly putting into my body.
I just recently read the I have to put this in as this made me aware I was on the right track. I am not doing the diet that is with it well actually I am, I was doing it before hand with a few bits and pieces that needs adjusting , But it gave good research on why we don’t get that wonderful six pack after a year of training I have a wonderful six pack it is under my tummy fat cause I have not got my fat percentage down enough for me to see them. So now it is not about doing 100 sit ups they are no good to me, eating is what is going to bring my abs out. The author of this thinks outside the square he shows things in a way and show research to back his ideas. (not being paid I can truly see what he has to say make sense he talks about soy and raw milk and many other aspects) It is a very good read if you can get the book I really recommend it.
Well I could go on about the stuff I have learn’t from the way I work out to eating a sustainable lifestyle..
but I don’t want to bore you all to death I just want to show you all this..
Do you have the time to get healthy.. cause if not you will have to make the time to be ill…
  • Eggs go research them
  • Take aways 5 nights a week to once a month of noodles or fish and chips
  • Redbull to water and green tea
  • Don’t starve yourself
  • Remember your body is your temple, treat it like one.

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