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6 I walk into the gym

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6 I walk into the gym.

Over the years I hear stories and I am going to call them stories.. fables.. of  .. don’t eat this don’t eat that..
Well I meet a man he is a fantastic man.. no not a new partner.. partner in crime maybe.. a
My Personal Trainer, my friend, my motivator, I would not be the person I am (well for when it comes to my health and fitness) with out this man..
For one year now I have been going to the gym and thinks it is time now to write my life so far.
A year ago one of the girls I was on a committee with said she new a guy that does a gym just round the corner. So after a bit I said I would go.. (best decision I have made)..I don’t like big gyms and I go at a time that means it is just me and him.. well and my kids to hehe (I home school them so they tend to come most places with me). I didn’t like the fact I was paying someone to teach me stuff I already new, I know how to work out I know how to eat properly why pay someone to tell me what I already know.
I was big, first work out only lasted 20mins and I nearly died (not literally but felt it)

I was a slave to the scales morning night lunch time had i moved ??? got depressed,, scales are in the bin now. I had been working out with him, I had been sick with tonsillitis a few times this wipes me out for a week, got them out during the year.. had a mole removed, so I had times in my year that I was unable to go.I always went and painted inside of a house out of town there I ate heaps and I felt I had put the weight on. now if i can not go to the gym that becomes more depressing than standing on the scales. needs a mention now.. I went on the website when i first started can’t remember how I found it that seems such a long time ago.. good way to get started on the food side of things great support there. If you are just starting out or even been doing it for a while and feeling lost I recommend it and it is FREE…
I no longer use it as it is no longer required in my life.

So here I am a year ago going to a gym that is in some guys shed that I don’t know about to make the biggest change of my life.. if I knew where I would be today when I first walked into that gym I would have burst into laughter… (feels like a Tui add Yeah Right)..

I started and I will tell you all at 108kg last weighed in February at 96kg..and never to be weighed again unless it is for a professional reason.
Right I think it is where I need to start a fresh post…. so come on over. and I will tell you what I have learned along the way.. 🙂

  • Find a gym, one that is suited to you not all gyms are.
  • for a good starting point.
  • 108kg – 96kg in February

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I am me, a very busy me, I have two children, I home school them, I work out at the gym and walk half marathons. I enjoy gardening growing my own veges and cooking. I enjoy doing lots with my children. I also study part time. I am on two committees.

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